In Cloak And Dagger’s “Call/Response,” we see Tandy, Melissa, and Greg Pressfield investigating Roxxon, a research and development multinational corporation. Also, Tyrone finds out where Tandy lives. Plus, Tandy and Tyrone test their powers. Finally, it looks like Tandy is being set up for a murder. This episode of Cloak And Dagger has drama and suspense.

With the start of “Call/Response,” Tandy and Tyrone have a surprise meeting. Tandy explains to Tyrone, “Well, how bout you start with how the hell you found me here.” She’s surprised that Tyrone found her squatting place.

Next, in a close talk, Tyrone reveals how he found Tandy. Tyrone smiles and says to Tandy, “Well, this church. I actually saw it on a voodoo tour. And I saw it in your head. Maybe, it was your heart. Maybe, it wasn’t nothing.”

However, Tandy doesn’t buy Tyrone’s reason.

“Well, it was nothing because you’re here.”

Anyways, Tandy grills Tyrone about the Voodoo Tour. “You fall for that touristy crap?”

Later, when Tandy returns home to her mom, Melissa Bowen, Tandy asks her about Roxxon, a research and development multinational corporation. Tandy calmly says to her mother: “I want to know about the Roxxon thing. Dad’s case.”

However, mom doesn’t believe Tandy about her Roxxon interest.

“You mean the case you are always ridiculing me about?.. It is not just about money. I mean the money would be good, really good. It’s for your father’s name, his reputation. I want you to remember him, really remember him.”

Needless to say, Tandy has questions about Roxxon, which she asks mother. Tandy presses mom, saying, “So why did that rig explode?” Melissa tells her, “It wasn’t his fault. He was a scapegoat for a greedy corporation. You know, dead men can’t fight back.”

In Melissa’s search for answers about Roxxon, she enlisted the help of a lawyer, Greg Pressfield, who happens to be her boyfriend. Melissa says, “We can ask for help from someone who knows what to look for. I know that Greg is rough around the edges. But he’s a real lawyer. And he’s a good one. He chased your cop away yesterday. There is no upside to going against a corporation like Roxxon.”

Even though the Roxxon case shows no promise, Melissa is hopeful. Tandy’s mom explains: “Honey, it’s going to come. You have to have hope.”

Not one for believing much in hope, Tandy plays the realist with her mother.

“Mom, you have put your life on hold for the past eight years waiting for a win fall that’s never going to come. Well, if hope exists, I don’t think that looks like Greg. Because Greg is just another married guy that is going to tell you whatever you want to hear cause he thinks you have a great ass. This never turns out well. You know that right?”

Nevertheless, Tandy wants to help with the Roxxon case. Tandy tells Greg, saying, “I have a couple questions to ask you about Roxxon…Look, Greg, if you are doing it for real, I want to understand it. Maybe help. So what do you have on them?”

That being said, Gregg has gathered lots of information about the Roxxon Corporation. Greg says, “You mom told me everything she could about your dad’s albatross. The rig off the coast that went haywire. Well, anyways, Roxxon, they closed the case on it, but they didn’t let it die. They kept feeding the beast. All for a pile of scrap metal under water. Zoning permits, federal grants, payments for those rallying numbers. And those rally numbers led to a shell corp.

Tandy agrees with Gregg about an unusal paper trail left by Roxxon, and why Roxxon wouldn’t let her father’s case die. Tandy says, “Seems like a lot of effort to keep a failed project. Why not just bury it with my dad?”

Greg’s convinced Roxxon is dirty. Gregg says, “You know, the answer, I wage is these Roxxon guys are million dollar assholes…These kind, they are running personal shit through company coffers and they are leaving a big paper trail.”

Tandy agrees with Greg about Roxxon. Tandy says, “Maybe, its not just paper. Maybe these younger guys have Instagram and Snapchat right? Always loved to show off their toys. So you got another desk or should I use the floor?

Afterward, Tandy and Tyrone have a meeting about their powers. Tandy tells Tyrone, saying: “This all started the night we touched in the graveyard right? What happens if we touch again? Lets test our limits.”

Because of the nature and unstability of their powers, Tandy and Tyrone want to test their powers. Tandy tells Tyrone: “My opinion and my experience. It’s dangerous to get close to anyone. But with you, I am conclusively right. When we touch, shit goes boom. So the first question is, ‘How close can we get to each other without triggering our crazy?'”

Later, in an ackward situation at dinner time, Gregg gets a phone call from his current wife, while eating with Tandy and Melissa. At this point, Melissa tells Gregg, “You should get that. She’s your wife. I am sure it’s important.” After that, Melissa goes to bed alone.

Meantime, Tyrone’s father, Otis, has some good advice for Tyrone. Otis tells Tyrone, “If you can’t control yourself, then you can’t control a damn thing in this world.”

Later, Tandy kids around with her mother. Tandy tells Melissa, “Hey, preparing for that job interview?” Tandy’s mom says, “We both know there isn’t one.”

At the near end of “Call/Response,” we see Greg being murdered. He’s murdered by a unknown woman delivering water to his office. As his blood splatters across the window from the gun shot, Tandy witnesses the whole murder from right across the street while on her way to his office. Basically, the murder looks like some kind of a set up.

During the ending scene, a stunned Tandy wonders back to Tyrone and they have a fight. Tandy screams at Tyrone: “You want to know what I think? I think you have your own death wish, choir boy. So how about you go to hell.”

Lasty, in this broadcast, Tandy returns to Greg’s office. Here, she retrieves some hidden file in the burnout office. Tandy got the Roxxon files, which Greg and her were reviewing.

In review, I liked this episode of Cloak And Dagger. It had some drama like the shooting of the boyfriend/lawyer Greg. Plus, it had some cloak and dagger with the hidden files and the shooting at the end. I enjoyed this one.

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