On April 1, 2019th, I watched the television series The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. The first episode was titled ‘We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals,” which was about seven strange super heroes having a family reunion at the funeral of their adoptive father. Coincidentally, the TV series is based on the 2007 Dark Horse Comic, The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, and it’s a pretty good opener for a television series.

To start, this episode prompts us with a message at the beginning of “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals.” The message reads, “Russia. October 1, 1989.” A child was born in Russia.

As the segment rolls on, we learn about a series of strange births occurring around the world. The narrator tells us: “On the 12th hour of the first day of October, 1989, 43 woman around the world gave birth. This was usual only in the fact that none of these women been pregnant with the day first began, so Reginald Hargreeves, eccentric billionaire and adventurer, resolved to locate and adopt as many of the children as possible.”

Apparently, Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric billionaire, got some of these kids. The narrator tells us how many, “He got seven of them.”

As the broadcast continues, we learn Reginald Hargreeves has just died. A news reporters asks one of Reginald’s adopted kids, Alison, at her movie premiere, saying, “When was the time you saw your father?

Moreover, the reporters asks Allison what designer she’ll be wearing to the funeral.

“Alison! Will you be wearing Valentino for the funeral?”

Furthermore, the world learns of Reginald Hargreeves’ death.

“Moments ago police reported the death of the worlds most eccentric billionaire.”

At this point, we are introduced to one of Reginald’s adoptees. Her name is “Vanya Number 7.”

And Reginald kept all his adoptees in one place. It’s called “The Umbrella Academy.” Hence, you get the name the comic and television series.

At the Umbrella Academy, the children had a mom. Upon arriving at the academy for the funeral, Number Seven aka Vanya says, “Hey mom.” However, mom just stares out the window and never answers her.

Meanwhile, the other children get reacquainted with each other. Alison says to Vanya, “Vanya, you’re actually here.”

The grown children exchange greetings. Vanya says: “Hey Alison. Hey sis.”

Also, in this episode, we notice tension within the family. Diego, one of the adopted children, expresses distain to Alison about Vanya: “What is she doing here. You don’t belong here after what you did.”

However, Alison confronts Diego. Alison tells him, “You’re seriously going to do this today? Way to dress for the occasion.”

Nonetheless, the girls talk. Vanya adds, “Maybe he is right.” Alison disagrees, “Forget about him. I am glad you are here.”

At this point, Luther, one of the seven, has some questions for Diego.

“Were you the first one on the scene? You know, I talked to Pogo. He said, he couldn’t find dad’s monocle. Well, can you think of a single time you saw dad and he wasn’t wearing that monocle? No, which means someone took it. Which means there’s a chance he wasn’t alone when he died,” Luther points out.

Meantime, in another part of the Academy, Vanya and Pogo catch up. Pogo greets Vanya, saying: “Welcome home Miss Vanya. It’s so good to see you. Ah, yes, your autography.” Vanya asks: “Did he ever read it?” Pogo states: “Not that I am aware of.”

While their reunion continues, the conversation drifts to Number Five. Vanya inquires of Pogo, “How long has it been since Five disappeared?” Pogo looks down and says to her, “It’s been sixteen years, four months and fourteen days, Your father insisted that I keep track. Your father always believed Number Five was out there. He never lost hope.”

During the group conversation, Luther airs suspicious about Reginald’s death. “The last time I talked to dad, he sounded strange. He sounded on edge. He told me, ‘I should be careful who I trust.” No, he must of known something was going to happen.”

During this episode, we learn Allison’s powers. Apparently, all she has to say is “I heard a rumor” and the person does it. In this case, she says, “I heard a rumor that you shot your friend.” The man shot his friend in the middle of a bank robbery.

However, we learn, too, Vanya has no super powers. In fact, she tells Reginald: “Why can’t I go play with others?” Reginald says: “We been through this before Number Seven. I am afraid their is nothing special about you.”

Needless to say, Reginald holds a public demonstration of the Unbrella Academy’s powers. “Our world is changing. Has changed. There are some among us, gifted with abilities, far beyond the ordinary. I have adopted six such children. I give you the inaugural class of the Umbrella Academy.

Afterward, Number Five, the missing 12 year old for 17 years, arrives at the Umbrella Academy through a rip in time and space in the backyard. Klaus, one of the adopted children, is the first to notice and says, “Does anyone else see little Number Five. or is that just me?’ Luther, too, responds: “It’s been 17 years.” Number five disagrees and continues, “It’s been a lot longer than that.”

That being said, Diego wants to know where Number Five has been. Diego says: “Where did you go? Number Five smiles and says: “The future. It’s shit by the way. I should of listened to the old man. You know, jumping through space is one thing, jumping through time is a toss of the dice.”

And Vanya wants to know, too, how Number Five got back. Vanya asks a question, saying, “Wait, how did you get back?’ Number five tells her, “In the end, I had to project my consciousness forward into a suspended quantum state version of myself that exists across any possible instance of time.”

Now, Luther wants to know how long Number Five has been in the future. Luther asks, “How long were you there? Number Five says, “Forty-five years, give or take.” Luther says, “So what are you saying? You are 58?” Finally, Number Five says, “My consciousness is 58. Apparently, my body is now 13 again.

After awhile at the family gathering, Number Five and Vanya do some catching up. Number Five says to Vanya, “I read your book anyways. I found it in a library that was still standing. Thought it was pretty good. All things considering. And definitely ballsy giving up the family secrets. I am sure that went over well. Nonetheless, Vanya adds, “They hate me.”

Even though it’s a family reunion, Diego and Luther find some time to fight. During the fight, Vanya says to Diego: “You never know when to stop do you.”

When the funeral is wrapping up, Vanya and Diego have some words. Diego tells Vanya, “You got another sequel for your book too?” Venya responds, “He was my father too.”

With that, Diego drops some burns on Allison. Diego smirks when leaving, saying: “Bye. I guess I will see you guys in ten years when Pogo dies.” Allison adds: “Not if you die first.” Diego replies: “Love you too sis. Good luck on your next film. I hope it turns out better then your marriage.”

Meantime, Number Five gets into a fight at a dinner with bad guys from the future. Number Five says to himself, “That was fast. I thought I would have more time before they found me. And a bad guy says, “Think I want to shoot a kid? Have that on my conscience?” Number Five laughs and says, “I wouldn’t worry about that. You won’t be going home.”

Later, after the fight, Number Five shows up at Vanya’s apartment. Number Five says to Vanya, “When I jumped forward and got stuck in the future, you know what I found? Absolutely nothing. As far as I can tell, I was the last person left alive. I never figured out what killed the human race. I did find something else: the date it happens. The world ends in eight days. I have no idea how to stop it.” Vanya quietly replies, “I will put on a pot of coffee.”

In conclusion, I liked this episode. I’ve always liked the idea of a strange bunch of super heroes with strange powers. Also, I liked the fact that super heroes have messed up lives, too, and only find time for family reunions at funerals. Additionally, the idea of seven strange super heroes at the apocalypse is an interesting idea. I will do more reviews of the episodes in the future.

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