On Wednesday, March 6, 2019th, I checked out the finale of The Gifted, which was titled “oMens.” We see three mutants die. Plus, Benedict Ryan comes clean. As well, Blink is not dead. It was a very interesting finale for The Gifted.

To begin, a news report, much like the 911 terrorist attack reports, appears on the televsion of the Strucker family from five years ago.

“People are still reacting to the utter devastation and of the first mass mutant attack on American soil. ‘There was like these flashes in the sky then there was bodies everywhere. I never seen anything like it.’ First responders across Dallas or doing everything they can, but not it’s becoming clear: The death toll will be in the thousands…We are now getting reports that…”

With that, “oMens” begins with Lorna warning the underground about Reeva. She pleads, “We have to move on against Reeva now. In the next 24 hours, she plans on taking out Sentinel Services and then the whole damn government. Thousands of innocent people will be dead.”

However, some underground members have reservations about attacking Reeva. A concerned Caitlyn cries: “So we’re just going to attack? Last I heard was she was in a fortress.”

Moreover, Reed expresses his concerns too. He questions the group, saying, “Wait you want Andy and Lauren to bring down a high rise?”

That being said, Andy agrees with attacking Reeva. “We have this power. We can stop Reeva. We have this power. We might as well use it for something good.”

In the meantime, back at the Inner Circle fortress, the Frost talk to Reeva.

“It’s what we though. Lorna and Andy went back to the mutant compound. Pathetic really. I guess greatness skips a generation. or three,” points out the Frost sisters.

The strike team chimes in on the discussion at the Inner Circle headquarters. Heather tells Reeva, “See, I told you. I knew that Lorna bitch got Max killed. What the hell do we do now?”

Meanwhile, John tracks the Frost sisters. John explains to Marcos, “The Frost sisters were here…”

At that moment, at their present hideout, the underground is surrounded by the Purifiers. Marcos shouts, “The Purifiers have the building surrounded. How did it happen?”

Eventually, Lorna catches on to Reeva’s plan. Lorna warns her friends, “Reeva’s plan depends on destroying Sentinel Services headquarters. If she has got Andy and Lauren.”

Even though John has lost Clarice, he fights on to help the underground in this episode. John tells his friends: “Jace Turner took Clarice from me. He can’t do anything worse.”

“oMens” sees Sentinal Services catch up with the underground. With that, Jace Turner opening fire on John, screaming, “It’s him. Fire.”

At this point, Lauren and Andy have been kidnapped by the Frost sisters. While in custody of the Frosts, Laurne pleads to Esme about freedom, crying: “I thought the whole point of doing this was to help mutants? This is mutant freedom? Forcing us?”

After a Purifier fire fight, John Proudstar makes a stand. While he is bleeding to death, Erg comes with some help, saying: “John Proudstar. You look like you need some help. I know we had our disagreements. I know you hate me. But for Clarice’s sake, I am hoping you hate them more. The Purifiers will be here soon to finish what they started. The man who murdered Blink is out there. You owe it to her to not let him kill you.”

During this scene, Erg and John have a talk. Erg reveals to John, “The more energy I can absorb, the more energy I can send to them. Hit me.”

Finally, Sentinel Services and the mutants meet in an alley. Jace yells at Erg and John, “I am interrupting somehting? You’re done, Mr. Proudstar.” However, John points out to Jace, “My name is Thunderbird.”

A battle happens and Jace is defeated by John. Jace screams at John’s face, saying, “I am ready to see my little girl. Just do it man. Kill me.”

We see the evil mutant Fade killed in “oMens.” After a brief gun fight in the basement of the Inner Circle headquarters, Reed congratulates Caitlyn on shooting Fade, saying: “Nice shot!”

During this broadcast, the Sentinel Services building is destroyed by Andy and Lauren. Andy sighs, “The building. We destroyed it.” Lauren adds, “All those people.”

In regards to the destroyed Sentinel Service building, Benedict Ryan takes to the airwaves.

“Hundreds of Americans died today on a cowardly attack on Sentinel Services by mutant terrorists. We must honor their sacrifice. Defend the America they loved and swore an allegiance to protect. It is time to define what makes someone a terrorist.”

Towards the end of “oMens,” Reeva and Reed meet at the Inner Circle headquarters. Reeva mocks Reed, smirking, “I been keeping tabs on you over the years, you know. Fighting against mutants. Fighting for them. Fighting your own mutant powers. You’re so confused.” Needless to say, their conversation is unpleasant.

Reed has something to say to Reeva. Reed clears his voice and tells her: “Maybe once but not anymore. You need to stop this.”

Consequently, Reeva disagrees with Reed. She announces to Reed: “Why would I stop this now. We’ve only just begun. And I am not sure you have been paying attention, but this revolution of ours is moving forward, one way or the other. Humans and mutants couldn’t live together before..”

Reed doesn’t see it Reeva’s way. Reed explains it this way, “Cause you and the Purifiers made sure that they can’t.”

Reeva calls Reed weak.

“Oh please, I only helped along the inevitable. You know your grandparents understood what it takes to create a homeland. Such a shame that you never could,” she smiles.

Because nationhood came up, Reeva and Reed have a discussion on history. Reed tells Reeva: “You can’t build a nation on the murder of innocent people.” However, Reeva disagrees with Reed, saying, “Read your history books. That is the only way you can build a nation. It’s too bad really. Your family name could of lived on forever.”

In a final stand off, Reed destroys Reeva along with the Inner Circle headquarters. “You wanted the power of the Von Struckers. Its all yours!”

At the end of “oMens,” Esme takes control of Benedict Ryan and forces him to confess his crimes to the media. “‘It’s time I confessed my crimes. I been secretly leading the Purifiers for over five years.”

Finally, when the finale of The Gifted is about to end, we see Blink. She reappears to the mutant underground, pleading, “Something has happened. I need you all to come with me. There is something you need to see.” Blink’s portal shows a post apocalypic landscape similar to that of X-Men movie “Days Of Future Past.”

In the final analysis, “oMens” was a great finale of The Gifted. We see some mutants die. Plus, Benedict Ryan finally got caught. And Blink reappears with the “Days Of Future Past” scenario. I hope The Gifted is renewed for a season 3 by Fox or Hulu, since I really enjoyed the series.

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