The Gifted’s “Monsters” has a few good story lines to follow for fans of the Fox television series. We learn Lorna and Andy are planning an escape from the Inner Circle. Plus, Caitlyn and Lauren are cornered by the police. As well, Andy is reunited with the Strucker family. Also, we learn Jace Turner has a crisis of conscience in regards to the recent Morlock attack. The S2 E15 stories lines pave the way for fans to enjoy next week’s finale of The Gifted.

To begin, John accuses Erg of stealing Blink. Erg lets John know, saying, “Now I made mistakes, but I didn’t lure her down into the tunnels. You drove her to us. What you going to hit me? It’s not going to change anything. I am sorry.” Nonetheless, Erg denies luring away from John.

Elsewhere, Reeva and the Frost sisters give themselves a pat on the back. Reeva warns the Frost sisters to about their success, saying: “Our uprising has been every bit as successful as we had hoped. And now it is perfectly clear to humans and mutants alike that there is only one solution. Two nations divided… And one last push will take us to our goal. We must destroy the institutions of a nation that hates us.”

However, Lorna isn’t convinced of a successful uprising. “Hang on. We are just going to destroy government buildings? Have you seen the security out there?”

Later, Lorna and Marcos have a chat. Marcos warns Lorna, “Things are spiraling out of control. The Purifiers just hit the Morlock tunnels. It was a massacre. You got to get out of there.”

Lorna wants to find out what Reeva is planning before she leaves the compound.

“I know, but Reeva’s plan is happening tomorrow. I am going to try to find out what I can before I go,” Lorna tells Marcos.

In this segment, Reed wants Lorna to bring Andy home. Lorna reveals to Reed, “I know, but he believes in what Reeva is doing. And if I can’t convince him, then it’s over. For all of us.”

Meanwhile, back at the Purifier compound, Jace and Ted Wilson have some words.

“We busted into that Morlock camp. And I was expecting to see a terrorist camp. That’s what Ryan told me was there. There were kids down there man,” sighs Jace Turner.

Because Jace is uncertain, Ted trys to reassure Jace. Ted grimaces, saying: “Jace listen. This may sound harsh. If there were kids down there, they are going to grow up and be the same monsters that killed our friends.”

When they’re done talking, Jace makes a final comment. Jace looks at Ted and replies, “How could you say that. You don’t know that.”

Elsewhere, Caitlyn and Lauren hide out in a water treatment facility. Caitlyn says to Lauren, “I knew if we stayed on the road, we were all going to get caught. Of course with that many foot holes, they’re pretty easy to find. There was no way we were all going to escape. They’re going to track us down too. Look, it breaks my heart. People are depending on us. We have to get through this. Now, please, just get inside.”

Both Caitlyn and Lauren are desperate. A cornered Caitlyn pleads with Lauren, saying, “We are not going to outrun dogs and a helicopter. Your powers? Is there anything? That’s ok, we’ll figure something out. If we surrender, everything we fought for. Everything we lost will be for nothing. We’ve come too far to give up now.”

Back at Inner Circle headquarters, Lorna wonders if Andy is aware about the consequences of their action on the next mission. Lorna asks Andy, “Andy, you know when we do this, it’s not going to be like a video game right? When everything goes down, we are going to be dropping real buildings with real people inside.”

That being said, Andy seems to be aware of his actions. Andy replies to Lorna, “Yeah, we have to make sacrifices sometimes. You taught me that. When you ripped that plane out of the sky and saved us all. That’s the whole reason I joined the Inner Circle.”

Since the Lorna’s plane incident came up in conversation, Lorna and Andy discusses scars. Lorna confesses to Andy: “Andy, look, ah, you know that wasn’t easy right? You do something like that, those scars stay with you.” In turn, Andy replies: “I guess I will have a few scars then.” They got these scars at the Inner Circle.

Aside, in the Morlock attack that spills outside the sewers, Ted Wilson is killed.

“We are not going to stop till we wipe you all out,” cries Ted as Reed kills him.

On a reconnaissance mission, Reeva and Lorna have a brief talk. Reeva informs Lorna, “This tunnel system will give us access to the city.” In response, Lorna tells Reeva, “What exactly are we doing here besides catching typhoid?”

Reeva explains the importance to the tunnel trip to the group. “One of the tunnels shares a wall with the DC Sentinel Services headquarters. Andrew is going to get us through the wall with the strike team. Once the Sentinel Services is nuetralized, we will be unstoppable.”

In “Monsters,” after taking out Sentinel Services and communications, we learn about the Frost’s future assignment at the Inner Circle. “Let me put it this way, once the situation gets bad enough, it’s our job to help people understand that a mutant homeland is the answer.” It will be to win the hearts and minds of people after the uprising.

However, Lorna has a different take on the Frost’s new job.

“You mean force people to understand… Do your really think we can mind control our way to a mutant homeland? Don’t we want people to believe?”

Esme has little words to comfort Lorna. “Maybe someday. We won you over. There might be hope for the world. Good night Lorna,” smiles Esme as she tells Lorna to get some sleep.

Back at home, Jace watches reports on the internet about people talking about the Morlocks.

“I’ve done the research, ok. Stores near sewer entry points report twice as much robberies. And they are taking food. Supplies. The point is people say there is no such thing as Morlocks, but that’s because they are not looking. They refuse to see the truth is there. Just take a look at this from right here in DC. Under our very noses.”

In regards to Benedict Ryan’s and Reeva’s partnership in “Monsters,” Lorna informs Andy about their connection. Andy can’t believe it, saying: “Reeva would never work with the Purifiers! Benedict Ryan? She hates him. She hates them all… They want us dead. Why would they help her? That’s insane. I don’t believe that… So you’re telling me everything Reeva said was a lie. Everything we did. Rebecca died for a lie?”

Originally, Lorna, too, couldn’t believe that Reeva would work with Benedict. Consequently, Lorna confesses, “I saw her myself. She was meeting with Benedict Ryan… What if they both want the same thing Andy. Mutants and humans living apart. She needs people angry. She needs the Purifiers. She’s using them to take out her competition, so her mutant uprising is all that is left.”

Furthermore, up to this point, Reeva has been hiding the truth about the Morlocks from Andy and Lorna.

“Andy, remember earlier when she wouldn’t tell us why we had never been in those tunnels before? There were mutants living there. Andy. Families. The Purifiers wiped them out for her. Look I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s true. I want a mutant homeland too but like this? Andy we can stop her, if you come with me. Andy we have to get out of here now,” as Lorna urges Andy to come with her.

Based on what they know, it isn’t safe for Lorna and Andy to stay in the Inner Circle. Lorna warns Andy: “Andy you can’t stay here knowing what you know.” However, Andy doesn’t really agree, saying: “I don’t know. After all the things I’ve done. Maybe I belong here.”

In spite of all the things they have been through, Lorna still believes in Andy. Lorna pleads with Andy, “No… About the boy who loved bullet trains. The boy who you sat with. When nobody else would. Andy Strucker, that is who you are.” Andy adds, “Maybe long time ago Lorna, but I am no longer that person anymore.”

At this point in the meeting, Lorna calls Andy’s dad in order to help convince him to leave the Inner Circle. Andy explains to his dad: “Dad. I wanted to kill that man. I belong here. I am a monster.” Andy’s Dad replies, “Andy, I do understand more than you know. Today, I killed a man. He was threatening us. He… I got so angry and I lost control. And I killed him. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. So if you’re a monster son, so am I.”

After Reed’s phone call with Andy, Reed is troubled. Caitlyn comforts Reed, saying, “All we can do is show them the path. We can’t make them take it.”

Meantime, John is having problems with dealing with the death of Blink. John says to Marcos, “I am not good. It hurts. I miss her. Everyone that I love dies.”

In the Jace Turner story line, Jace confronts Benedict Ryan.

“I need to talk to you about what happened in the tunnels. I went down there. I did as exactly as you said to do. And what I saw didn’t look like a terrorist camp. There were children down there. There were families defending their homes,” yells Jace to a straight faced Benedict Ryan.

At this point in the segment, Benedict Ryan doesn’t seem to be interested in Jace Turner’s problems.

“I have larger concerns right now. And so should you. I have reason to believe there will be a mutant attack on our soil soon. One that will rival in size that of 715. So do you want to continue crying about a bunch of mutants in the sewers or do you want to help make America safe?”

Nevertheless, Benedict Ryan continues to sell the Reeva story to Jace. ” Those men that were killed down there. Those men had families too. And after what happened to our friend, officer Wilson, how can you even… You don’t know? I am sorry. He’s dead. They found his body behind a dumpster. What they did to him was savage, inhumane. What is important now is we honor his memory be carrying on his fight. They are coming for us, Mr. Turner. Soon. We need you. Now more then ever.”

At the end of “Monsters,” Reeva and the Frost sisters have a discussion. The Frosts explain to Reeva, “We did a full sweep. They are gone.” In return, Reeva says, “Why do I have telepaths if they can’t tell if my people are going to betray me?

For Reeva, losing Andy Strucker and Lorna Dane was on a temporary setback.

“Their real value to us was symbolic. The chance to build a mutant homeland on the foundation of two legendary mutant families would of been glorious. Such a shame we have to kill them.” The loss of the Strucker and Dane family was only symbolic to the Inner Circle plan.

Briefly “Monsters” was a good episode. Lorna and Andy got away from the Inner Circle. Caitlyn and Lauren escaped from Sentinel Services and the police. Andy was reunited with his family. Also, I can’t wait for the finale of The Gifted.

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