The Gifted’s “calaMity” is a good drama. First, a spy is found in the Inner Circle. Next, we meet a younger Benedict Ryan. Also, the Purifiers take the offensive with the Morlocks. As well, Lauren and Reed prepare to kick the X gene suppressant drug. This episode had a lot of drama for any new mutant fan.

In “calaMity,” we see Benedict Ryan from “The Ryan Hour.” However, it’s a younger Benedict talking to Reeva at one of their early meetings, “Yeah, well I don’t have a bunch of freaks to teleport me through traffic.” Benedict and Reeva have a history.

In this early meeting at the National Monument, Reeva compares the mutant problem to a Civil War. While remarking to Benedict, Reeva mentions, “A nation divided. A civil war for our time. I have a job for you and your Purifiers.”

Presently, Reeva has a mission for Benedict. Reeva explains: “It’s necessary. And it needs to happen quickly. And very, very queitly… But this is an essential part of the plan. Our plan. Get it done.”

It’s in this segment called “calaMity,” we learn about Reeva’s masterplan. First, we learn Reeva is using Benedict Ryan, a failed congressman hopeful and present saleman, to generate hatred between the mutants and homo sapiens in hopes of starting a war. Next, we learned that Reeva hopes this hatred will unite mutants against homo sapiens and lead to them overthrowing present society. In the end, Reeva plans to replace the present society with a new society: One with mutants on top and homo sapiens on the bottom. Ultimately, her plan is to manufacture a revolution.

If the revolution happens, Benedict Ryan will likely be set up as the patsy. Reeva will blame him, and nobody will believe Ryan’s story after the war. Of course, Benedict, the patsy will have to die.

During this cast, Max’s disappearance becomes noticeable.

“Max went out last night. He hasn’t come back,” says Reeva as she addresses the Inner Circle.

In a protest, Max’s girlfriend, Heather, thinks he has been killed. In a bid for damage control, Lorna minimizes Max’s disappearance by saying: “Lets just calm down. Chances are he’s sleeping off a bender.”

Meanwhile, we learn Marcos survived his gunshot wounds from the battle with Max. Marcos sighs to John, adding, “Well I got shot.”

At the end of last espisode, Marcos looked seriously hurt. John replies, “Lucky it wasn’t serious.”

Meantime, Jace and the rest of the Purifers talk. “So they’re really living in the sewers… I mean I heard about the Morlock when I was in Sentinel Services, but nobody could ever find them.”

In regards to an earlier meeting between Benedict and Reeva, Benedict begins to butter up Jace in order to exterminate the Morlocks.

“Mutant separatists living right under our feet. Parasites. Criminals… I want you to put together a team and go down there and clear them out. The Morlocks are the worse of the worse.”

Now, Benedict Ryan wants people to murder for the cause. However, Jace isn’t keen on murder, yelling, “Clear them out? Nobody has ever put a mutant Morlock in custody. But sending in a hit team is crossing the line. Last time I checked, it’s still against the law to shoot people.”

With that the Purifiers are ready for war. Ted screams, “All right listen up. This is the moment we been waiting for. Nobody has ever taken on these Morlocks before. Not the cops. Not Sentinel Services. Nobody.”

The Purifiers take the fight to the Morlocks.

“We are going to break into two groups. Most of you are going to me on the teams that block all the exits of the tunnels around the city. I am going to need volunteers with the group that is going down there with me. And I am not going to lie to you. Its going to be dangerous. We are going to be hunting monsters down there.”

Nevertheless, the Morlocks are ready for the Purifiers. Erg reminds the Morlocks, “Alright everyone. This is not the first time we have had intruders.”

At this point in “calaMity,” Blink names the intruders in the Morlock tunnels. She warns the underground,”Purifiers are in the tunnels. Jace turner is leading them.”

Towards the ending of this broadcadt, Reeva learns Max is dead. She tells the Inner Cicrle: “I have some bad news. Max is dead.”

Elsewhere, the Purifiers get picked off by the Morlocks in the tunnels. One Purifier pleads with Jace, arguing, “What are we doing down here? We are up against monsters.”

Back at the Inner Circle, Lorna is tired of Reeva. She questions Reeve’s treatment: “So how long is this going to last? Whole place is shutdown. People are asking quessitons. Checking computers. Yeah, you didn’t say you suspected one of us. How are we supposed to fight a war for you if you don’t trust us?”

During this time, the Frost sisters find a spy. They tell Reeva about a spy, “We checked the computer security log. And we found a spy.”

Reeva confronts the spy.

“All we asked for your loyalty and you betrayed us. Sage, we know. Two hours before Max was killed, you accessed footage of him before he was killed from this terminal,” she reveals to Sage.

The Frost sister support Reeva. “No mistake. Your password. Your terminal. No one else had access,” they point out to Sage.

Reeva says a few words before killing Sage. “That’s just it. You can’t.” Sage made a fatal mistake by joining the Inner Circle.

At the end of “calaMity”, the Purifiers overtake the Morlocks. Blink urges Erg: “We have to evacuate.”

The Morlocks hold off the Purifiers for as long as they can. Erg says to Blink,”We’ll hold them off as long as we can.”

While escaping the Morlock sewers, Blink is shot. John screams, “No!” As she falls back into her portal, John finds her blood.

Throughout this segment, Lauren decides to kick the gene suppressant drug. At the same time, Reed kicks the drugs too. The family prepares for withdrawl of the drug.

In summary, this episode has some good story lines. I am glad the Inner Circle didn’t catch Lorna as the spy; that being said, I was kind of sad that they killed Sage even though she wasn’t the spy. Also, I wondered if the Purifier’s attack on the Morlock got Blink killed. On the down side, I didn’t really get into the Lauren story line since it seemed like the story line from last week. I was satisfied with this episode in terms of drama and entertainment.

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