In “Hawk and Dove” of Netflix’s Titans, Dick takes Rachel to live with some old friends. Also, Dick loses a close friend to death. Plus, we meet a murderous family in this installment of Titans.

As “Hawk And Dove” begins, Dick and Rachel are travelling on the highway. During the long drive, Rachel turns to Dick, asking, “Where are we going?”

With a steady eye on the road, Dick stares ahead and answers Rachel’s question. He sighs, “Somewhere safe.”

Meanwhile, a new character, from Washington, DC, makes an appearance in this episode of Titans. However, this character is being tortured at a secret location by bad guys; nevertheless, he manages to lets us know his name: “Hawk dipshit…Going to torture me or what?”

Nonetheless, Hawk is rescued by another character: Dove.

“You didn’t wait for me… I should leave you hanging like this,” she smiles.

Hawk stares at Dove with blood dripping from his chest. Jokingly, Hawk laughs at Dove, replying, “Whatever turns you on.”

Later, Hawk and Dove have a talk back at their place. In a low voicie, Dove looks at Hawk as he takes an injection of drugs, saying: “Hmmn. That part of the anti-inflamatory diet too?”

Hawk winces and smiles to Dove with a little excuse.

“We go to Wisconsin. I get my new hip. You can nurse me back to health, ” as he points out the positives of his present situation.

At this point it appears that Dick and Rachel are headed to Hawk’s and Dove’s place. However, when they arrive, Dove tells Dick, “So what is this? A night out the bad kids?”

Right after leaving Hawk’s and Dove’s place, Dick and Rachel head to a local coffee shop where Raven acts moody. She says to Dick: “Just coffee. Black. I am not a kid.”

However, Dick just goes with the flow. He looks at the watress and says, “Ok. Same for the lady.”

Later Rachel tells Robin about her past regrets. During the road trip, Rachel says to Robin, “I didn’t mean to kill that guy.”

Meanwhile, Robach meets with the coroner. The coroner discusses a body with Robach, warning, “Robach, be careful. This doesn’t feel right. I am just messing with you.”

Eventually, Dick and Rachel go to a hotel. Dick asks Rachel: “Hey want a pizza?” And Raven replies, “Ok.”

When Dick leaves the hotel room, Rachel noses around the place. She finds Dick’s laptop and does an internet search and finds these headlines: “Details Emerge in the Roth Murder Investigation.”

After looking at print out from Robach, the picture comes alive in Rachel’s hands. Rachel screams and prays, gasping: “Our father who art in heaven, thy kingdom come…”

In this episode, we meet the Nuclear family, a murderous family of a mom, dad, son, and daughter. In the middle of breakfast, the husband tells his wife, “Honey hold your f…king horses.”

While the family is eating, someone comes to door. The father answers the door and a stranger says, “You’re activated. She’s more dangerous than she looks.”

Elsewhere, Dick and Rachel talk about the man who kidnapped her. “According to those files, that man that came after you was a part of some doomsday cult. They entirely believe it’s their destiny to prevent the end of the world.”

Dick and Rachel arrive at Hawk’s and Dove’s place. Dick tells Hawk and Dove, “Hey.”

Dick tells Dove about the police department. Dick says to Dove, “Whoever they are, they got people in the dept. We needed somewhere safe to regroup. Think about we’re going to do.”

However, Hawk thinks Dick won’t help them in their latest mission. He tells Dove, “He won’t help us. He only watches out for himself. People don’t change, babe.”

At that moment at the meeting, Rachel touches Dove’s hand and sees a vision. Later, she asks Dick: “Why did you hurt her?.. It’s not an excuse… Not for her.”

However, Dick brushes off Rachel about Dove. “I didn’t mean to. Yeah, well Its all in the past. Get some rest,” as Dick leave Rachel’s room.

During Dick and Rachels stay at Hawk’s and Dove’s place, Dove shows Dick their case. Dove says: “You want to take a look at the case?

Dove explains the case to Dick. Dove says, “The suppliers name… He’s moving small hand guns. He’s trying to corner the preteen market. Intel says they are making a new shipment tomorrow night on the docks, and we think we can break the chain.”

In the middle of the convesation, Dick tells Dove something.

“You don’t understand Dove. I am no good with family. You don’t know what I have become,” pleads Dick to Dove.

At this point, Hawk gets home from work and see Dick and Dove holding hands. Hawk says: “Well isn’t this cozy. Just like the old days. Come and go. Take what you want.”

When Hawk is about to hit Dick, Rachel intervenes in the fight. Rachel screams, “Stop!”

Meanwhile, Roback gets off her shift at the police station and heads home. She finds a mysterious girl crouched in the corner of her house and says: “What’s your name?”

Slowly, the girl give Robach an answer. “I don’t have a name.”

All of a sudden, the girl cuts Robach with a hidden knife. She demands, “Where is Dick Greyson?”

While back that Hawk’s and Dove’s place, Dick cautions Dove to hold off on their next mission. “Dove, I really think you should reconsider. We both know it’s too dangerous.”

However, Dove doesn’t want to abandon the mission. “You win some, you lose some.”

Dove has some words for Rachel. “Take care of him ok? He needs all the help he can get,” as she looks away and leave the room.

Afterward, Dick checks in on Rachel. Rachel tell Dick: “She needs your help. I can feel it. Isn’t that what you do?… You help people.”

After the Hawk’s and Dove’s last job, Dove has a few words for Dick.

“You weren’t kidding about having changed. I never seen you like that before,” as she stares at Dick.

Later, Rachel finds Dick’s letter, which is left for Hawk and Dove. Rachel gives Dick’s letter to Hawk and he loses it with Dove, saying, “What? You you knew about this? You saw what he did! He’s a fucking psychopath.”

At the end of “Hawk and Dove,” the Nuclear family, the people that attacked Detective Robach, catch up with Rachel, Dick, Hawk, and Dove on the rooftop of their apartment building. With that, the Nuclear family kills Dove, and Dick hear Dove’s last words: “Hank!… I am dying.”

In conclusion, I liked this episode. We see a side of Dick, which is gritty. Plus, we got to meet the superheros, Hawk and Dove. And who knew a nuclear family could be such murderous villians. Anyways, I enjoyed this broadcast of the Titans.

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