In “teMpted” of The Gifted, a few story lines are worthy of keeping track. First, Lauren is “teMpted” by the dark forces in her dreams. Also, Glow is shot by the Purifiers, and Blink persuades the Morlocks to allow Caitlyn to save Glow. Plus, Polaris learns of Reeva’s plan after breaking into Max’s room. Finally, Marcos and Max have a shoot out in a car. This episode is a good one.

At the beginning of “teMpted,” Erg, from a flashback in his life, breaks up with an old girlfriend for selling out to Sentinel Services about the underground’s location. Erg says, “The others warned me not to trust a human. Never again. Get out of my sight. Go!”

Meanwhile, Blink, now living in the Morlock community, wants to help out around home. Blink offers to go on a raid, saying: “I am just trying to do my part. I don’t want to be a mooch.” She want to go on a food raid with the group.

While the underground recovers from it’s recent attack by the Purifiers, Caitlyn finds out some information about Reeva from Danny.

“My brother said Reeva Payge has infiltrated the government,” she points out to the underground members.

Marcos and Lorna have a talk in this segment. Marcos comments about Benedict Ryan and Reeva: “And Benedict Ryan is leading a nation wide crusade. The two of them are working together.”

During this episode, Lorna breaks into Max’s room and finds some serous information about the Inner Circle’s next missions. Lorna say: “I didn’t break anything. I just opened some locks. If we’re going to find out what Reeva is planning, I am going to have to do some digging. Marcos, it was worth it.”

Further, she tells Marcos about next targets. In a serious tone, she says, “Building plans. The White House. The Pentagon. Sentinal Services headquarters. The Capitol.”

Lorna tells Marcos about Max’s powers. She says, “Max can turn those buildings into explosives.”

Now, Marcos knows and understands the Inner Circle’s plan.

“The plan is to wipe out the entire government.”

Lorna confirms Marcos’s suspicions. She tells Marcos, saying, “For a start. This attack is coming and soon.”

In “teMpted” a crisis develops when Glow is shot during a food run. Erg says, “Blink, we can’t do that. She’s a fugitive. If we take her to a human hospital, she’ll be arrested in minutes. It can compromise our entire community. Not intentionally no, but Sentinel Service can be very convincing… The best we can with what we have.” Glow needs help or she’ll die from her gun shot wound.

Its this segment where the regional mutant underground leaders meet up. John tells the regional leaders: “The X-Men trusted us with this. This is exactly what the Inner Circle wants. To give up. For us to lose sight of our mission. Once we abandon our principles, our only option is war.”

However, the regional underground groups don’t see eye to eye with John. One underground leader says, “The X-Men’s trust isn’t going to stop Purifiers with guns. Maybe your girlfriend had the right idea going up with the Morlocks. I am sorry guys, but if all you got for us is speeches, they all ready won.”

“teMpted” is where we learn the story behind the Von Stucker music box, which has Lauren mesmerized as of lately.

“My dad used to tell me this old German story. About a father out riding in the night on horse back with his son. And the son is afraid. He says he can hear something terrible calling out to him. So the father tries to make him feel better and tells him it’s the wind in the trees he hears. But when they get home, the boy is dead. The song that plays in that box is the story I just told you set to music. It’s called ‘The Erlking,'” he tells a tired looking Lauren.”

Afterward, Andy, with the help of the Frost sisters, contacts Lauren for a meeting. In the dream meeting, Lauren says, “I am never joining the Inner Circle.” Frost sisters, posing as Andy, say, “I miss who we were when we were together. We are Fenris.”

While the Morlocks work on saving Glow, Caitlyn needs some medical equipment or Glow will die. Caitlyn tells Erg: “I need to isolate Marco’s platelets and mix them with an antiplasm and centrifuge. And I am guessing you’re not a pharmacist and a post apocalyptic pirate.”

Meantime Ryan Benedict continues with the news reports of the mutant threat.

“It’s mutant lawlessness. If they don’t act like citizens of this country. Why should they enjoy the rights afforded to those of us that choose to abide by the law? Even human protests have the tendency to turn violent. Can you imagine the harm we might soon witness if we don’t get these animals… You can’t disarm a living breathing weapon, which is exactly what mutants are,” concludes Benedict Ryan on the Ryan Hour.

Throughout this installment of The Gifted, we see serious Fourth Amendment violations of the USA Constitution when Sentinel Services conducts illegal searches without search warrants on the general public. In once scene, a man and his family cry out at a bus stop search: “Why you doing this. This is illegal. You have no rights to do this.” Mutants and humans are not secure in their persons; as well, there are no search warrants supported under oath by a judge describing the place to be searched.

However, Sentinel Services argues with the family. A cop says: “We’ve had reports and suspicious activity… Open the bags.”

At this point, the daughter of the family cries. She tells the police, “We haven’t done anything wrong.”

Moreover, the mother doesn’t understand why they’re being searched. She screams, “We’re just going to visit my mother in Chicago.”

At the end of “teMpted” we learn Max is a drinker. Lorna says: “Killroy’s Liqour Store.” Moreover, this new infomation about Max might help Lorna and Marcos kidnap to get information.

While Max leaves the liqour store, he gets in a fight with Heather, his girlfriend and one of the new recruits of the Inner Circle. “What’s the point of being free, Heather, if I can’t go where I want to go. Get off my ass Heather,” he sighs.

In a struggle to get away from being kidnapped in his car at the ligour store, Max is killed by Marcos. The car explodes and Marcos manages to get out. However, Marcos has been shot multiple times at close range.

Briefly, this episode was dramatic. We see a tired Laura lose her cool, and she looks like a drug addict who’s going through withdrawal. Also, some mutants got shot: Glow and Marcos. Moreover, Max, a character who I was just getting to like, was killed in a struggle with Marcos. “teMpted” was an exciting episode to watch.