With the aspirations of the Uncanny X-Men failing in The Gifted’s “hoMe,” the Inner Circle and the Purifiers continue to rise to power. While one story line deals with Evangeline Whedon and the new recruits, we see a major battle. Plus, another story line takes us on a dream with Andy and Lauren. “hoMe” sees the new mutants drifted further from the purpose of the X-Men in The Gifted television series.

During this broadcast Lauren and Andy continue to meet in their dreams. Lauren asks Andy: “What is this place?” Andy replies: “We can do things that you can’t even imagine.”

As well, Marcos and Lorna have a meltdown. Marcos tells Lorna about the Inner Circle: “Your race war isn’t turning out like you hoped?” Lorna replies: “Look, Reeva is planning a terror attack. If I walk now, who is going to stop it?… I helped to start this. I have to end it.”

Meanwhile, Blink dreams about her abusive childhood. Blink tells John about this one memory in which she dealt with a drunk, abusive adoptive father who said: “Who’s junk is this? Damn kids leaving crap out. Don’t even start with me woman. All you brats, get out here. Now, you here me! Get your lazy asses up. Lilly, don’t make me come find you. Open up. This is my house. You open this door. You open this damn door now.”

Once again, Marco and Lorna meet in this segment. Marcos pleads with Lorna: “Lorna, you cannot go back to the Inner Circle. What you talking about? We just saw your boss. Or whatever Reeva is, the grand supreme leader, was just meeting America’s number one mutant hater.” They saw Reeva and Ryan exchanging some sort of files at a secret location.

It’s this installment of “hoMe” where Caitlyn urges the underground to go to her brother, Danny, for help. Caitlyn tells the underground about Danny: “What about my brother. Benedict Ryan is openly supporting the Purifiers now. Danny’s firm works with Homeland Security. They keep tabs on all the extremist groups included.”

However, Reed has some concerns about Danny. Reed says about Caitlyn’s brother: “You just can’t get on the phone to Danny. Need I remind you that half of his family are fugitives. The government will be monitoring his calls for the rest of his life.”

Elsewhere, the Frost sisters offer to help Andy. The Frost says: “You mind is connected to Lauren. We can reach her through you. We know a thing or three about psychic connections between siblings.” They can help facilitate a reunion between Andy and Lauren.

However, if they can’t recruit Lauren, the Inner Circle will kill her. In a private meeting, they tell each other: “The sister is getting bolder. We can’t afford it to have her out there… Think about the power we could have if we bring Lauren over. Especially, if she is getting stronger. She has to join us or she has to die.” Lauren is too powerful to not be a part of the Inner Circle.

During a car ride, Blink can’t believe Erg about Evangeline. Blink laughs and tells Erg: “C’mon, she wouldn’t do that would she? She wouldn’t. Man, she’s messed up.”

At this point, Erg tell Blink his purpose for meeting her. Erg says to Blink: “This fight is a suicide mission. I want no part of it. I am only here to protect my people.”

Meantime, secretly, Caitlyn and Lauren go to meet Danny at his church. Lauren tells her uncle: “Uncle Danny. We have a situation. We need your help. Your law firm does work for Homeland Security right? They monitor extremist groups. We have information on a terrorist attack that’s coming.”

However, Danny has some reservations about helping the mutant underground until he learns Andy is a mutant terrorist. Lauren reveals the truth to Danny about Andy: “Andy is one of the terrorists.”

Back at the Hellfire Club, the Frost have a talk with the new recruits. The Frosts says: “We spoke to Reeva. She needs to know the second this is done. The time window for this is small. You know the targets. Just them. No more, no less. No mistakes. Nice and clean.”

During the Frost’s pep talk with the new recruits, Lorna gleams some important information about the Hellfire’s next mission. Lorna warns Marcos: “Reeva’s new recruits. I think she just sent them to kill Evangeline. All I know is Max made a crack about slaying a dragon. I mean, who else do you know that breathes smoke and hands that turn into talons. They just left in a helicopter.”

After Lorna relays this information to the underground, Marcos wants to call John. Marcos tells John: “Can we call Evangeline. The Inner Circle just sent a hit team and helicopter to the meeting.”

Afterward, Andy has a talk with Lorna. Andy has lots to say about the Frost sisters: “It’s about Lauren. The Frosts want me to reach out to her. Get her to Come here and join us. But they said there’s ways to help, with their powers.”

Moreover, Andy asks Lorna if he should trust the Frost sisters. Andy sighs and looks at Lorna, saying: “I guess I was just wondering if you would trust someone like that? If you could get Marcos to come here.” Lorna replies: “I don’t think it’s possible to make someone truly believe. Not even for the Frosts.”

While Andy discusses trust with Lorna, Caitlyn, Lauren, and Danny meet and discuss Benedict Ryan. Danny reveals the secret about Benedict Ryan: “Ryan is not just a talking head. He is secretly running the Purifiers.”

Furthermore, Danny was arrested by Homeland Security for talking about Reeva Payge. Danny told Caitlyn: “I don’t know. But they had me in cuffs afer twenty minutes I brought her up.

Further, Cailyn is shocked to hear about this from Danny. Caitlyn says about the Inner Circle: “They have people in the government?”

Danny tells Caitlyn the whole truth about the Purifiers. Danny says: “Homeland Security is compromised. Attorney General’s office. Maybe even Congress.”

After the latest mutant underground fight with police, the Frosts have another talk with Andy about Lauren. The Frosts say: “You know we monitor Sentinel Services activity. Well, there was an incident. A few minutes ago. Your mom and sister. Sounds looks like they got away. But it was a very close call. They’re fine, Andy, but Lauren is in danger. This is why you should let us reach out to her…If your sister joins us, your parents won’t be far behind.”

During this talk, Andy has some concerns about Lauren, which he shares with the Frost sisters. Andy says: “Yeah, I been thinking about that. If she’s going to be here, she should at least believe in what we’re doing. Manipulating her is not…”

While the underground is too late to save the secret mutant meeting from an attack by the new recruits, Blink breaks up with John after telling him a heart breaking story for her youth: “You know who the bravest person was? My foster sister Lilly. We lived with this bastard, who took us in for the extra fifty bucks a week you get for taking care of a kid with an X gene. And he used to beat the crap out of us.”

Even though the underground loses members in the secret meeting ambush, the fighting isn’t over when Caitlyn and Lauren get in a fire fight with Sentinel Services and the police. Lauren tells her mom, Caitlyn, saying: “What I did when Sentinel Services showed up, he would of stopped me… I know I wasn’t my self anymore. So strange…You mean that’s a good thing.” However, Caitlyn comforts her daughter, saying: “You did what you had to do. If you hadn’t, we’d be in prison. Or worst… You know what I saw, a powerful woman with a very special gift. A gift for chopping up police cars. You were protecting your family. I am proud of you, Lauren. And maybe we should keep the whole shoot out with the cops thing between us. These days stress is bad for your dad.”

During this show, Lorna has a revelation. Lorna reveals to Marcos: “Reeva. The Frosts. If they got both of them, Marcos, I don’t want to even think what they could do.”

At the end of “hoMe,” Erg has a talk with Blink. Erg says to Blink in the underground tunnels: “Welcome home Blink.”

In conclusion, I we learned a few new things in “hoMe.” First, Benedict Ryan is the leader of the Purifers, which was kind of obvious to me. Also, Evangeline Whedon looks to have parished in the new recruit attack along with other regional leaders of the underground. Also, it looks like Lauren must join the underground or die. And John and Blink break up, which leads to Blink finding “hoMe.” This episode was a good one to watch.