On Tuesday, January 8, 2019th, I checked out Cloak And Dagger’s “Suicide Sprints.” One story line is about a rich kid winding up in the hospital. Another story line features a detective, Bridget O’Reilly. Further, a story line sees Tandy needing to get out of town. Finally, Tyrone shoots a cop, and Tandy crashes a car at the end of this broadcast. “Suicide Sprints” has plenty of interesting story lines to follow in the television series Cloak And Dagger.

At the beginning of ‘Suicide Sprints,” Tandy talks about robbing rich kids. Apparently, Liam Walsh, her boyfriend, and her robbed rich kids: “Rich kids. We jack them of their rich kids stuff.”

Meanwhile, in this segment, we learn Tyrone’s dad is on his case. Tyrone says: “So you think I lack a work ethic?”

In regards to the rich kid jacked by Tandy and Liam, Liam checks up on the rich kid at the local hospital. However, Tandy tells him to phone the hospital for the rich people: “Call Tulay Medical. He comes from money right.”

With this new bit of knowledge about the hurt rich kid, Tandy wants to get out of town. Tandy and Liam have a serious talk where she says: “If he’s alive, that means he can still ID me. If he’s dead, that means I killed somebody.”

However, Liam wants to take things slow. He tells Tandy: “Lets just control what we can control. We get you to the drycleaners. We’ll get you some new papers. We’ll get you some place safe.” They need new ID before she leaves town.

Aside, much like in the Marvel comic series, there’s mention of a priest. Specially, a priest judging Cloak and Dagger: “Don’t you see. Whatever your motives, no man has the right to set himself up as judge, jury, and executioner. ” Similary, Suicide Sprints has a priest named Father Francis Xavier Delgado.

Meanwhile, Liam and Tandy go to see Elmer, a local fence who works at the drycleaners. Elmer explains to Liam and Tandy, saying:

“Hey you guys want to move swag, you are going to have to come back after work, after hours… If you didn’t commit a crime, I got a guy who can mock up a Minnesota for three bills. But if you did, you’ll need a much better one. It’ll run you guys eleven grand. Situation you’re in, you’re going to need a new identity. Clean social. An address of record. I got a guy who can throw in a credit rating too. Anyone who comes looking for you, you are not you. Then you can do whatever you want. So what do you want?”

When asked what they need by Elmer, Liam says an ID and passport. Liam tells Elmer: “Tandy needs a new ID. Tandy needs to get out of town, asap.”

Meantime, Tandy’s mom found her stash of money and drugs in the ceiling of the bathroom. She tells Tandy: “Greg has being working hard on a new angle for our Rocksong case. He actually filed an injunction for us this morning.” Apparently, the mom’s new boyfriend, Greg, who happpens to be a drug addict and lawyer, used the money to file some kind of injunction at work.

Given this new knowledge, Tandy has a meltdown with her mother. Tandy’s mother says: “Honey, it was a momemt of weakness.”

Later, in the evening, Liam and Tandy rob some rich people at a wedding. Tandy says: “No. Not to small. Too conspiculous. Three sensible cash grabs in here. Cards in a cage waiting to be liberated. And the big cash bar… Someone is in charge of the tips for the cater’s band and bartender. Probably the wedding planner.”

Tandy has the inside baseball on how to rob the rich. Liam tells Tandy: “Damn. Sometimes I forget that you came from all this.” Tandy grew up in a wealthy family.

During sometime after the robbery, Liam wanted to take the relationship further with Tandy. Liam told Tandy in a moment of passion: “Listen, I don’t come from money or class like you do, but if you give me a chance, to be safe, I’ll do what I can to make you happy. I’ll love you always.”

Moreover, Liam knows the truth about Tandy’s background. Liam figured it out: “Try me. I know that you live in that church. And I know when you’re lying too. You are a good liar. But you are not as good as you think you are. Not with me.”

That being said, Tandy isn’t interested in a meaningful relationship with Liam. Tandy says: “Liam. Listen. There is no ‘we.’ am sorry.”

On the whole, I like Suicide Sprints. It was similar to the Marvel comic story lines. Also, finally, we got to see the detective Bridget O’Reilly who was a hit in the comic series. These story lines stood out for me in this episode.