“eneMy of My eneMy” is an exciting episode from Fox’s The Gifted. We learn the mutant underground needs help from the Inner Circle. Also, Andy has second thoughts about joining the Inner Circle. Moreover, Lauren is becoming increasingly cautious of Andy. These story lines play out in this latest installment of The Gifted.

As “eneMy of My eneMy” begins, we learn Andy doesn’t want to be saved. Lauren reveals this fact when she screams at her mom and dad, yelling: “You wouldn’t recognize Andy. He’s different. You still don’t get it. Andy doesn’t want to be saved.”

As well, Andy and Lauren continue to dream about each other. In one of his dreams, Andy queries Lauren: “Is this where you live? I just came to talk… Can we not go there now? This place, whatever it is, the dreams, can we just talk like we used to?.. Yeah, and I believe what we’re doing. It’s just, it’s hard sometimes. You know, I’ve lost a lot.”

In these dreams, Andy and Lauren argue about the Inner Circle. In her dream, Lauren sighs, saying: “You want me to make you feel better about joining the Inner Circle?… You want your family back? Come home.”

Meanwhile, during this segment, the Purifiers have the leader of the underground. We learn about this when Reed tells the remaining underground mutants about his call from Marcos: “It’s the Purifiers. They’ve captured John.”

Moreover, the underground needs the help of the Inner Circle to rescue John. However, Lauren isn’t happy about working with the Inner Circle, saying: “Are you joking? You are going to ask the Inner Circle for help?.. They sent an assassin to the clinic. They’re the reason we are in this disaster.”

Nevertheless, it’s the Strucker’s only option to ask for help. Amy explains the situation this way: “None of trust them, but under the circumstance, they are the only hope of getting John back.”

Additinally, Blink, another core member of the underground, reluctantly agrees to work with the Inner Circle. Blink professes: “The idea of depending on Lorna makes my skin crawl, but this might be John’s only chance.” She only does it for John’s sake.

Meantime, Benedict Ryan continues to dominate the airwaves with his talk show. Benedict reports over the airwaves to the masses: “And over six thousand criminal mutants have escaped. People are asking ‘What’s the endgame here?’ There is no endgame other than senseless slaughter. This is a nightmare… These mutants are convicted murderers and rapists and they’re on the loose in our neighborhoods.” In what sounds like a Trump speech or Twitter post, Benedict Ryan makes statements like President Trump.

In response to Benedict Ryan’s lies about mutants on the Ryan Hour, Andy asks Lorna how Benedict is able to gets away with lying. Lorna informs Andy: “You expect balanced reporting from that guy? His entire career is built up on storing mutant haters.”

In the middle of “eneMy of My eneMy,” Marcos takes a chance by asking the Inner Circle for help. Marcos explains to Blink why he must be the one to meet Lorna: “Look, Clarice, this is not your fault. The question is whether we can trust Lorna. If we can, I have to be the one that looks her in the eye and convinces her to help us… Then I am walking into a trap and your John’s only chance.”

With that, Marcos and Lorna meet up. Marcos explainst to Lorna: “Look, it’s John. He’s been kidnapped. The Purifiers took him. We don’t know where. Now, we thought your friends might help us find him.”

Marcos explains the serious of the situation to Lorna. Marcos reasons: “Look, we are running out of time here. John will never crack. He’s going to make the Purifiers kill him. Years ago we made a promise, Lorna. We’d be there for him when the day came. You have to remember that.”

Back at the Purifier compound, Jance and Thunderbird get acquainted. Jace smiles and tells John: “John Proudstar aka Thunderbird. Nice to finally meet you man. We got a lot to talk about.”

Furthermore, John sees Jace on the wrong side. John tells Jace and the rest of the Purifiers: “I will never tell anything about the mutant underground. After three years, don’t you think maybe it’s time you stop and ask yourself what you doing. Running around with a hate group. Maybe I am not the one who’s soul needs saving.” Perhaps, Jace needs saving.

Meantime, the Inner Circle locates the whereabouts of John. Specifically, Lorna tells the mutants what Sage found: “She found this. It’s a compound in Virginia.”

According to information gathered by Sage, Lorna knows the location of the Purifier’s fortress. Lorna says it will be hard to break John out: “I asked Sage to look. No activity till about a hour after John’s capture. And then this convoy shows up. He’s in that building. I studied the satilite photos. The place is a fortress. There’s no way they will make it in.” John is being held the Purifier compound.

The Inner Circle prepares for war. When about to depart to find the compound, Andy points out: “Fully customized. Armoured. Top of the line. Not just cars. We got guns and equipment to… Bullet proof. ” Also, Lorna says: “And we brought everyone flight jackets.

Meanwhile, Jace continues to interrogate John in the compound. However, John knows nothing and replies: “We smuggle mutants across the border. We don’t make hostage videos and slaughter innocent people.” He tortures John for information.

Eventually, John reveals information about the Inner Circle to the Purifiers. John tells the Purifiers: “It’s the Inner Circle. The group that is attacking those places is called the Inner Circle. No one has. Anyone that looks into them winds up dead. Yeah.” Nobody knows about the Inner Circle because they are all dead, except the mutant underground.

With this new information, Jace has questions about Lorna’s and Andy’s departure from the mutant underground: “What? They just turned their back on the dream of the X-Men? How the hell did that happen?” Jace wants to know why they left and joined the Inner Circle.

John reveals why Lorna and Andy left the underground. John discloses to Jace: “Cause I couldn’t make them believe. Cause I failed.” They lost faith in the cause of the X-Men.

With that, this new information could be the break for the Purifiers. Jace talks to the Purifiers, saying: “Inner Circle thing. I think it could be something big.”

Elsewhere, Lauren and Andy have a private discussion about what happened to Rebecca. Lauren questions Andy: “How bout that girl you broke out of the mental institution. She killed those people at the bank, didn’t she? You don’t do something that evil by accident. She died? How did she die? How?”

In good timing, Blink interrupts Lauren’s and Andy’s talk. Blink informs them: “This spot is as good as it gets. Lets just hope Lorna and Marcos do their job. You guys ready? Start the fire works.” It’s time to storm the compound.

As of result of the attack on the compound, Jace looses his cool. Jace screams at Thunderbird: “You people took everything from me. You took my daughter… I want you to know something. I am going to hunt down everyone of your friends and they are all going to die.” With that, Jace fires three gun shots into Thunderbird’s chest.

Moreover, Andy has a breakdown. Andy tells his family, says: “That Purifier was trying to murder Lauren. You know what him and his friends want to do to mutants like us? They’re monsters. No, you don’t get it. There’s only one thing to do to people like that. It’s wipe them out. End them. We can’t afford them runnng around having more kids, spreading their poison.” However, Amy, the mother and a human being, is listening to Andy’s screams.

At this point, Amy knows what she must do to safe her family. Amy explains to the underground: “The only way we are getting him back is if we destroy the Inner Circle.”

Moreover, Lauren agrees with her mother. She tells Amy: “I know.”

To conclude, this program was great. I would of never guessed the underground would humble themselves and ask for help from the Inner Circle. As well, I suspected the Purifiers were going to torture John. That being said, I though Lauren was smart to be cautious around Andy. I really enjoyed “eneMy of My eneMy.”