On Sunday, January 31, 2018th, I checked out the flick “Jumpers.” It’s a movie about young teleporters and how their existence is blaspehmous to a secret society called the Paladans, who only want to kill Jumpers.

In the film “Jumpers,” David, a Jumper, stumbles onto his hidden powers when an accident occurs at school. David tells us in one scene: “And that’s when it occured to me. This thing that just happened, it could set me free. And if she could run away, so could I.” However, this accident is a blessing in disguise which leads to David’s freedom.

Nevertheless, David decides to leave town after his powers manifest. David explains to the audience: “I wanted to tell her everything. I mean, who would believe me anyways.” David leaves his girlfriend, Millie, behind.

For some reason, David figured it was to time to move on with his life. David reasons to himself: “I figured it was time to move on.”

After leaving town, David begins to experiment with his newly found powers. David explains in one scene: “So there I was. I had a million questions. How do I control it.”

At this point, David decides to rob a bank for money. David celebrates when taking bank money, explaining: “I am going to need a bigger bag.” At this point, he’s only fifteen years old.

That being said, David draws the attention of a strange law enforcement agency which is known as the Paladans. Roland, a Paladan, says: “Whoever robbed your bank has been in here before. I want those names. I want those tapes.” Roland wants to know how someone can rob a bank without using a door.

Meanwhile, David watches the local news after robbing the bank. The news reports: “What would happen to these people? It would take a miracle to get to them.” In a strange way, the news reporter, sounding a lot like David’s voice, tells us about the hopeless situation of some trapped people in a rushing flood; that being, David could save them, but he chooses to do nothing.

It’s not long before the Paladans catches up with David. Roland, the evil Paladan guy, says: “Oh, I know who you are. What you are.”

The Paladans want to know everything when they catch David. Roland says: “Tell me. How did you last this long. Who’s helping you? Jumpers.” Jumpers are people who can teleport from one place to another place.

Specifically, the Paladans want to know David’s accomplices. Roland says: “Who’s protecting you? Give me an answer so I can go home.”

In the movie, Griffen, another jumper who has been watching David, compares Paladans and jumpers. At one point in the movie, he tells David Paladans are demons. On the other hand, jumpers are angels. Griffen says Palatans and jumpers have been around forever.

With that, the Paladans want to punish David. Roland says: “Thinking you can go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences. There are always consequences.” Paladans want punishment for Jumpers.

At this point, David escapes and decides to go back home. Here, he meets his old girlfrind, Millie Harrison, who says: “Hi. You were going to leave without saying anything? No? Weren’t you just out there staring at me for the past 45 minutes?” They get reacquinted at the local bar where she works.

At this point, David askes Millie if she wants to come to Rome. Millie says: “You were thinking of checking out Rome? Come on, you know that was my dream. Don’t try to rip me off. You’re asking me to go to Rome?”

However, with all the trips and money flying around, Millie suspects something’s up. Millie suggests to David: “I think there’s something you are not telling me. This room. First class. Usually, in my life when things seem to good to be true, it’s because they are. Banking? You see I know, you flunked algerbra. David, if you don’t want to tell me everything, that’s fine. Just don’t lie to me.”

While in Rome, David gets the attention of another Jumper, Griffin. As Griffin spies on David and Millie, he remarks to himself: “Rookie. No idea.”

In one scene at the Roman colosseum, David meets up with the Paladans. This is when Griffen lets David in on what’s happening: “You think they wouldn’t noticeā€¦ Welcome to the war.” The Paladans kill Jumpers, and they have been doing it for centuries.

After a quick escape from the Paladans, the Roman authorities catch up with David. It’s in this scene which David’s long lost Mom suddenly appears back in his life, saying: “Hello David. You only got about 30 seconds before they come through that door. You understand? You have to get out of here. Ditch the girl. If she’s with you, she’s dead. Twenty seconds David!” Needless to say, it’s pretty shocking to David.

Because David and Griffin can do anything they want, the Paladans, a secret society of religious fanatics, wants them dead. Griffin explains: “It’s pretty simple. The want us dead. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Because we can do whatever the hell we want. You really don’t get it, do you.” They don’t Jumpers who resemble God.

During this scene of explaining Paladans, Griffen tells David the history of the Paladans. Griffin tells the whole history of Palitans and Jumpers: “Paladans have be killing Jumpers for years. We go back since medievel times. The fanatacs, religious nut jobs, inquisitons, witchhunts, that was them. Look, they are smart. They’re fast. They’re organized. No matter what, they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way. Like your family, your friends, that little girlfriend you tried to run to Rome with you. They dead. All of them. Get used to it. It’sjust a matter of time. I am going to get some take-a-way. You want some?”

It’s at this point, Griffin reveals his need to be normal. Griffin explains to David: “You know what? I like walking for a change. Makes me feel normal.”

However, David wants to team up with Griffen like superheros. David tells Griffen: “Why you walking?.. You read Marvel Team-Up? Two superheros. Joining forces to like eliminating wrong. You live in cave. Just saying we kind of just have this common thing. And I know where to find Roland. So we doing this or what?”

Specifically, David and Griffen can be a temporary team like in the comic books. David tells Giffin: “This is it alright. Marvel Team-Up or never.”

However, David is a bit green, which Griffin explains to him. Griffin tells David: “By bringing her down here, they can follow you. They have a machine that can open wormholes and keep them open. I am saying they can follow us anywhere. And you brought her here.”

At this point in the movie, we learn Roland is responsible for the murder of Griffin’s parents. Roland screams at Griffin when he surprises him in his lair: “Time to send you home to mommy.”

After a quick escape, Griffin tells David about making sacrifices. Griffin smiles at David and says: “It’s a crying shame. It really is. But you know, we all have to make sacrifices. Alright!.. When I was five, they came to my house and killed my parents.” Griffin lost his parents.

At the end of the movie, Roland tries to kill David. Roland tells David: “Only God should have this power. Not you David.”

In the heat of a fight, Roland mocks David. Roland sneers and says to David: “You come a long way from robbing banks.”

However, David wins the fight with Roland and spares his life. David explains to Roland after a jump to the grand canyon: “I could of dropped you with the sharks.”

David learns the truth about his mother at the end of the show. David goes to his mother’s house and tells her: “So I am a Jumper. You are a Paladan.” David’s mother tells him about his sister and gives David a head start before she must come after him.

Overall, I liked this movie. I felt it was based on the Marvel comics “The New Mutants” and “The Uncanny X-men.” And, actually, in one scene in the film, you can see these comics. That being said, I always loved these comics. The show was great with the Marvel Comic connection.