In “the dreaM” of The Gifted, which aired November 27, 2018th, we explored the aftermath of the Creed Financial massacre. After the killings, Rebecca parts ways with the Hellfire Club. Moreover, the murders have led to Benedict Ryan calling for a mandatory curfew for mutants. Furthermore, Polaris gives her baby to Aunt Dane to raise in secret. Meantime, the Struckers, Reed, Amy, and Lauren, seek help from Dr. Madeline Risman, former research assistant of Reed’s father. As well, we learn about Polaris’ youth. Everything has changed after the mass killing for the mutants and society.

During this airing, we learn the reason why Rebecca killed the Greed FInancial employees. In a heated escape and talk, Rebecca tells Lorna: “What? We were going to let a bunch of mutant haters just walk away?… I thought our cause was to help build a place where mutants could use their powers whenever they wanted to.”

Rebecca killed the employees out of rage. When giving her reasons, Rebecca tells Lorna why she killed them: “Like if I killed everyone that pissed me off, it would be a lot more than 30 people.” Rebecca’s extremely angry.

That being said, Polaris thinks Rebecca’s a psycho. Polaris tells the psycho: “What the hell was that? Massacring 30 people does not help our cause. I got news for you, you little psycho. You can’t go around slaughtering everyone who pisses you off.”

Meanwhile, In the news, Benedict Ryan, a public figure in the media, calls for a manditory curfew in regards to mutants. The local televison stations report: “Commentator Benedict Ryan called for manditory mutant curfews and urged anti-mutant protestors to stand their ground…. In Alexandria, this afternoon, when anti-mutant protestors attacked a foster care home for mutant children.” I wondered about the constitutionality of such a curfew law.

As the story line of “the dreaM” continues, Reed goes to Dr. Madeline Risman, a former researh assistant of Reed’s dad, for a cure to his X gene. Dr. Madeline Risman offers help, saying: “The work your father and I did with you, that was the foundation of my research. All of this, started with you. Honestly, I am perplexed to what went wrong, after all these years. But from what you say, you need treatment and not advice. But it will be easier for me to explain in the lab.”

Meantime, the media continues to make reports on the Creed Financial robbery and killings. Polaris stares at the televisions reports, saying: “Have you seen this? It’s anarchy out there. People are setting cars on fire. Mutants are being attacked.” Polaris is concerned about the safety of mutants.

Furthermore, Polaris lets Esme know what she really thinks about Rebecca. Polaris tells Esme: “What do you expect? That freak killed a room full of people before we could lift a finger.”

In return, Esme tries to reassure Polaris about the safety of her baby. Esme replies to Polaris: “Lorna. Believe me. We will keep Dawn safe.” However, Polaris wants to send Dawn away for safety reasons.

It’s this segment, we learn Aunt Dane raised Polaris in secret. Aunt Dane tells Polaris: “Lorna, you can’t do that. We talked about this. People find out. Come on, nobody hates you.” Polaris wants Aunt Dane to raise Dawn in secret

Moreover, Polaris was a typical teenager. As a youngster, Lorna tells Aunt Dane: “Don’t worry Aunt Dane. Everyone already hates me. Those cupcakes you sent to school for my birthday. Nobody even ate them. I am already the bipolar girl with the green hair and dead parents. So what if they know I am a mutant.”

As a result, Polaris, now an adult, has a lot of anger issues. Lorna smiles and tells her baby: “See that. It’s all in the wrist.” Polaris practices knife throwing.

Also, we learn, Polaris never knew her dad. “Come on. Just tell me. Who is my father?”

Furthermore, Esme has terrible news for Polaris. Esme mentions to Polaris: “You know the smoke we saw outside. It was coming from a mutant foster care facility in Georgetown. Humans. They set it on fire. They still looking for survivors.” Mutant foster homes are being burnt down.

Also, the local news continues to broadcast stories about mutants. One reporter reports: “More trouble. As activists marched against the mutant curfew tonight. Some politicians expressed sympath for the protestor’s goals. But most strongly condemned the acts of violence and vandalism that have flared up in response.”

In one scene, in response to news stories on the television, Dr. Madeline Risman gives her opinion about the latest mutant attacks. “They oppress mutants for years. Then have shocks when they stand up for themselves.”

At the end of “the dreaM,” the mutant underground catches up with Rebecca. Rebecca reveals confidential infomation to Thunderbird and Blink about the Inner Circle, saying: “I don’t know much. We got inside the vault. They were looking for information on something called ‘Regiment.'”

All in all, this segment was a crazy episode. Rebecca acted all calm after a mass killing and parted ways with the Hellfire Club. Benedict Ryan continued to come off as some kind of hero at the expense of dead bank employees. And Polaris deals with abandonment issues. “the dreaM” was ridiculous.