The episode “noMercy” of The Gifted follows a few good story lines. First, we learn the Hellfire Club robs Creed Financial, an international banking institution with a dark history of funding organizations to persecute mutants. Next, Jace Turner, former Sentinel Services director, meets Benedict Ryan, a public figure with connections to funding and the president. Also, Thunderbird confronts Blink about the Morlocks. Finally, Rebecca massacres a bunch of Creed Financial employees. This airing is an interesting one to watch.

To start, the episode “noMercy” begins with a past mutant meeting between Reeva and a Benazir, a friend and a mutant activist who led a grassroots community movement. Benazir says: “Mutant families aren’t getting their leases renewed. The only folks who get their applications looked at are the ones with no X gene in their family. So we got to let the arrivals know that this is our hood. That they need to find a new place to go and soon… Let’s print out some flyers. Work our way west.” Later, Benazir dies when stabbed to death by a mutant hater when she tries to stop a group of haters from vandalizing her building; however, this character’s connection to the story line isn’t clear, so hopefully it will be explained in a later episode.

As the story lines switch, we learn Polaris has concerns about an up and coming bank job. Lorna tells Reeva, leader of the Hellfire Club, in front of core members: “The mutant detection system. You sure you can knock it out. If you can’t, this is going to be a really short heist.”

Moreover, this segment looks at the issue of mutants and the healthcare system in the United States. Amy Strucker explains the healthcare to her husband, Reed Strucker: “No. They would call the police. Someone would if they saw you. Look, even if it did work, most of the hospitals around here don’t treat mutants at all.” Apparently, the mutant situation resembles the present situation of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Once again, the Morlocks surface during this installment. Amy refers to them as separatists: “I am sorry. As his human wife, I am not really interested in my husband joining a mutant only separatist group.”

Meanwhile, Jace has gotten some attention. A Purifier leader, who is a cop, tells Jace: “Hey man, sorry I am late. I want to talk to you about something. Taking down the mutie station in Baltimore turned a lot of heads. One of our top level supporters wants to meet you tomorrow.” A VIP of the Purifier cause wants to meet him.

This broadcast reveals Reeva’s dark side. Reeva tells an uncooperative human: “Do you know how much anti-mutant organizations Greed Financial supports? How many they fund? Working for a company that hurts people. My people!” Reeva hints at the rationale behind her actions.

Meanwhile, in this show, Marcos catches on about Blink and the Morlocks. Marcos confronts Blink and tells her: “What is it with you and the Morlocks huh? Well, a couple of weeks ago we didn’t know they existed and now all of a sudden they are a solution to every problem. Is that all Clarice. Because they were practically waiting for us a few days ago. I am just asking where your loyalties lie.” Apparently, Blink has hidden loyalties to the Morlocks.

As the story lines progress, Jace meets Benedict Ryan, a news caster and secret corporate funder of the Purifiers with a direct line to the president. Benedict explains to Jaces: “What you did in Baltimore was outstanding. The movement needs more men like you out in the front inspiring people.”

In my opinion, Benedict Ryan reminds me of President Trump. Here’s one of Benedict’s speeches: “You know why millions of people watch my show? Cause they want something to believe in. And your story, your daughter Grace, the work you did in Atlanta, that’s gold! But what good is it if only we know. Mr. Turner, I have a plan. To help people take back America. But I need your help.” President Trump’s message “Make America Great Again” appeals to frustrated voters like Benedict Ryan’s message.

After watching Jace meet with Benedict, it occurred to me that Jace could be a carrier of a mutant gene. After all, the mutant gene of Jace’s daughter, Grace, had to come from one of her parents. And Jace is required to get a mutant gene test before speaking to Benedict for some reason. I bet Jace has a mutant gene and this will lead to another story line in The Gifted.

During this episode, Reeva forces captured bank employees to make statements to the media. Reeva commands a bank employee to say: “Oh we’ll let you go. But first, you will do something first for me. You will tell the world how this bank was built off the suffering of my people.” Reeva does this with the help of the Frosts, which reminded me of the POW John McCain and his coerced confessions to the world press during the Vietnam war.

Here’s Greed Financial message for the world: 

“By the time you see this, Creed Financial will be gone. For years we backed companies that persecute mutants worldwide. Bankrupted mutant owned businesses. Crippled their investments. Let the world remember today. We are the ones that used our wealth and power to enable the torture of innocent mutants. We are the criminals. The time for the mutant uprising has come. The time for justice.”

Toward the end of “noMercy,” Marcos has a talk with Thunderbird about Blink’s loyalty. Marcos confides in Thunderbird: 

“Since we talking about it, it’s not just their loyalties I am worried about. I know you care about Clarice. We all do. But I think you should talk to her. The Morlocks, Erg, you can’t say you never thought she’s considered thinking about it, what they’re doing… I am just telling you pay attention. I was down there, and I saw something between them. Just ask. That’s it.”

Also, it’s this episodes where we learn Rebecca has similar issues like Andy when it comes to performing with her powers.  “Hey. You remember how it was like in the hospital. How angry you were? How alone. How afraid. You have to channel that. Just picture what it felt like. Use it.”

In the last minutes of this broadcast, Thunderbird confronts Blink about the Morlocks. He tells Blink: “You gave Erg information? You stole for him. Without telling me? Why?”

At the end of this show, the bank job is completed. Esme tells Reeva: “We drained over a hundred million in account balances so far. Not a bad day’s work.” It’s a successful bank heist.

However, the Creed Financial heist breaks the news when Benedict Ryan is about to appeal to America for help. Benedict looks to Jace and says: “Trust me, Mr. Turner. Now more than ever we need you.”

Moreover, there is a mass killing at Creed Financial. It started when Rebecca deviated from the bank heist plan and took revenge for her own personal suffering by saying “screw the plan.” Needless to say, the plan of robbing Creed FInancial goes sideways, and Rebecca kills all the Creed Financial employees.

In summary, “noMercy” lived up to it’s name. An evil financial institution got what it deserved. Also, we get to meet Benedict Ryan, a public media figure and one of the people behind the funding of the Purifiers. And we learn more about Blink’s lack of loyalty to the mutant underground. I enjoyed this one because it had some very interesting story lines to follow in the new mutant saga.