During Legion’s “Chapter Four,” we learn about Kerry Loudermilk, a Native American woman who has mutant powers. Also, we learn about Melanie Bird’s husband, Oliver Bird, a psychiatrist who has been living in the astral plane for 20 years. Finally, Lenny returns in the segment to save the day.

To start, the mutants at Summer Land are on a journey. Sydney and friends agree: “We had gone searching for truth. But found only lies.” However, they don’t  seem to know what they’re looking for.

On their quest, the underground exams the memories of David. Melanie tells the group: “We saw glitches, omissions. It’s if we activated some kind of ‘guardian.’ There is something in David’s memory he does not want us to see.” They looked at three memories in David’s mind.

However, the group is finding it hard to tell what’s real. Sydney explains the mission: “What was real? That was the mission.” The mutants wanted to know what was real in David’s memories.

On a serious note, Ptonomy Wallace talks to Syndey about David. He says,”I know you like him, but he’s not stable. Trust me. You try hearing voices for 10-15 years. Self medicate with hard drugs then get dumped in a looney bin.” Sydney agrees to listen to Ptonomy’s observations about David.

Ptonomy reminds Syndey about David being unstable. He says: “I read the doctor’s report. He broke the doctor’s skull. They had to put the guy in a coma to get the swelling down. And that was with his fists. Imagine if he used his power. He’s a bomb.” According to Ptonomy, Sydney should be careful because David is dangerous.

However, Sydney’s not convinced of David’s unstability. She tells Ptonomy: “We know, he’s hiding things. What if he didn’t come in here to steal a radio or some coins. What if he came here to get rid of evidence. A conversation, the one time he said too much.” She thinks something else is up about David’s behavior.

Sydney just wants to know facts. She tells the viewers: “How do you find the facts when memory becomes a dream?”

Meanwhile, Amy runs into a doctor while locked up in Division 3. And Amy tells the doctor about King, a family dog, and David, saying: “I’d catch him [David] talking to people who weren’t there. Who were you talking too? And he would say “King.” Doctor. We didn’t have a dog.” However, Amy explains to the doctor, the family never had a dog named King.

In Chapter Four, we first get to know Kerry Loudermilk, a Native American woman with mutant powers. In a conversation Sydney asks Kerry about her powers: “So you lived inside his body? Is that weird?” Kerry co-exists in Cary’s body, and they can become two separate people at the same time.

That being said, Kerry tells Sydney her story. Kerry explains her first meeting with Cary: “And there is an eight-year-old Native girl playing with his train set.” She goes back in the past to explain first meeting Cary.

All the while, Kerry and Melanie Bird are searching for the facts about David in this broadcast. Kerry tells Melanie: “Don’t worry. We’ll get the facts.”

In the beginning of Chapter Four, we meet Melanie’s husband, Oliver, a psychiatrist who lived on the astral plane for 20 years. Upon meeting David in the astral plane, Oliver tells David: “I been here a long time. And things tend to ‘drift.’ You are here in the astral plane.” When David asks Oliver where they are, Oliver explains the astral plane.

Upon first meeting David, Oliver is quick to see David’s a troubled man. Oliver comments to David: “Why do you have an unquiet mind? So you war with yourself. Like a dog trying to chew off it’s own tail. Like I said, I seen it before.”

When Sydney, Kerry, and Ptonomy go to ask David’s old psychiatrist some questions about a certain memory, instead, they meet Clark Debussy impersonating David’s psychiatrist. At this point, Clark reveals himself to the group: “And Melanie Bird. Is she not the leader of your little band?”

As all hell breaks loose, in an upstairs confrontation in the psychiatrist’s home, Sydney switches bodies with Clark and makes an escape. She defeats Clark, and fools the government soldiers, as she tells them to ‘take them away in the van.’ However the escape is short lived because David isn’t aware an unconscious Sydney is really Clark Debussy.

However, at the end of Chapter Four, it’s Lenny who saves the day when she motivates David to fight for Sydney:

“All good in the head now? You think you are save here? With these clowns? Dreaming you’re a mountain climber? Look, it’s your little friend. Whoopsie. I guess we got to talk. Kid! Hey Kid!… Yes, of course I am your friend. C’mon, it’s just ‘I’m Betsy Tough love. Your mean friend.’ But don’t worry, I wuuve you… I don’t swing that way, bro…. Well, you screwed up, Kid. I told you not to trust them. I mean, what kind of name is ‘Summerland?’ You know, you let your guard down man. They gave you a shot and now we’re here!… Who Captain Nemo and his giant ice cube? C’mon man, they doped you up and kicked you out of your own body to do who know what. Uncle Fiddly with the glasses and the angry girl inside. They could be fingering you right now… I am you. I am me. ‘I am everything you want to be.’… Here’s the truth pal. We got to get out of here, ok, you and me, cause wherever you go, there I am. And I can’t hang out in this shat stain, no place, much longer. I got things to do… So I was thinking, if you just concentrate, or, if, together we may, hey… Or maybe you need a little more motivation… That’s right, in the real world, that guy is about to shank your girlfriend or worst. Get mad! C’mon let it come.”

In brief, Chapter Four introduced Kerry Loudermilk and Oliver Bird; moreover, Lenny returns as David’s sense of morality. In the beginning of the episode, we meet Kerry Loudermilk, a Native American with mutant powers. Also, we meet Melanie Bird’s husband, Oliver Bird, a psychiatrist who’s been living on the astral plane for 20 years. And Lenny returns to save the mutant group; however, at the end of this episode, she looks like the evil Shadow King, which makes you wonder if she’s really the Shadow King.