Double Eviction Night

When it came down to Double Eviction Night, finally, Level Six evicted Haleign, a last remaining F.O.U.T.T.E member; plus, Level Six turned on itself by evicting Brett during episode 35 of CBS Big Brother.

To start, I wondered if Julie Chan would be hosting Big Brother since a new regime took over CBS. With the recent firing of her husband, Leslie Moonves, people wondered if she’d appear on CBS Big Brother or The Talk. Thankfully, she showed up on Double Eviction Night.

That being said, during this week, Taylor and Brett had a falling out. Tyler said, “Brett definitely falls to the bottom of my totem pole. Simply because I can’t beat him.”

When it came to Brett, Casey had him sized up. Casey says, “I should of known. Brett thinks he’s two steps ahead.”

In the beginning of the week, Tyler was clear about putting Brett on the block. Tyler told viewers, “Brett has to go on the block.”

Although in a showmance with Angela, Tyler’s “ride or die” is Casey. Tyler told the Dirary Room, “Casey has been my number one.”

Big Brother kicked off with the first eviction. In a 4 to 0 vote, the house voted out Haleigh. This was the first eviction of the night.

Next, the house played the HOH competition. Tyler won this HOH. After a short meeting with house guests, Tyler nominated Samantha and JC.

Initially, Tyler had a conversation with Samantha before putting her on the block. Tyler whispered to Samantha, “Do you trust me? Do you trust me. I know who’s coming after you. And it’s not who you think. Do you trust me, Sammi? Please!”

Angela won the POV of eviction night. In her POV speech, she said, “I am calling this one step ahead,” as she took JC off the block.

Immediately, Tyler replaced JC with another guest. With that, Tyler announces to the guests, “I am calling this two steps ahead.”

Officially, Brett was the second eviction of the night. In his eviction speech, Brett sighed, “Don’t send me to that house with BlockStar.” Level Six backdoored one of it’s members.

Because Brett was gunning for Casey, she had some words for him. While casting her vote, Casey admitted to America, “I vote to evict Brett. It’s a must.”

After leaving the house, Julie Chan had some word for Brett. Julie said, “You got played, son,” as she smiled, “you broke ranks and went to Tyler and said ‘you want to target the girls?'”

Julie Chan asked Brett this question: “Who do you feel most betrayed by?” In response, Brett said, “Tyler!”

In the final analysis, this was an exciting episode. I was on the edge of my seat after Angela took JC off the block. After that, we saw Brett evicted from the house. In between, we saw the craziest expressions on Brett face when he placed on the block. This episode was fast paced and pure entertainment.