I Look Like Joe Dirt And Kid Rock Had a Baby!

During episode 31 in the CBS Big Brother house, Tyler got a brand new hairstyle; also, Samantha got on people’s nerves as house guests look for reasons to get rid of remaining guests.

Personally, Tyler wants Haleigh evicted from the Big Brother house. Tyler admitted, “I’d rather see Haleign go. Keep both of them calm because one of them is going to stay, and I don’t want them coming after me.” We’ll see on eviction night if Haleign gets the boot.

With that, we learned Sam was a hair dresser since 2009. That being said, she styled Tyler’s hair. She straightened it out.

However, Tyler laughed his guts out at the new look. Tyler screamed, “I look like Joe Dirt and Kid Rock had a baby!” The whole house laughed, too.

Because of all the guests coming to the HOH room, Angela and Tyler have developed a game. They agreed, if someone mentioned “showmance” to either one of them, one of them would get a point. However, it has to happen in the HOH room. In the Big Brother house, you have to keep yourself preoccupied by any way possible.

Apparently, Tyler’s a show man. Tyler tells us, “Everyone wants to know if there is a showmance. Might as well give the people what they want.”

As the clock ticks down in the house, Samantha is getting on Level Six’s nerves. Angela says, “Sam’s emotions are exhausting. It’s so annoying. I am over it. She’s going bat crazy.” As well, Brett admits, “Sam. I don’t know if you are fine.” Finally, Casey is losing patience with Sam, “Her energy definitely brings down the vibes in the house. Sam is definitely going to go sooner than later.” While Level Six targets Samantha, Tyler has remained quiet about Samantha during this episode.

Samantha is coming to her wits end with the Big Brother house. An exasperated looking Samantha muttered, “I am going to roll around like a dead bug. Why is the toilet seat out here?… What would happen if this was in your house? Would you throw the whole toilet away? I shouldn’t of drank that Cafe Citos. Now, I got to wear it off. Thanks a lot!” Hopefully, she doesn’t lose her nerve.

This week, Casey won the POV’s Control Your Emojis. Now Level Six is in control for this week. They have the numbers to win this game.

Because Level Six wants one of the evictees gone, Casey decides not use the POV. In a stoic stare, she says, “I love you so much, but for the game, I think it’s best.” However, in the Diary Room, Casey admits she wants Scottie gone.

When placed on the block, Haleign wonders if she’s the target or pawn for the week. She cries, “Tyler lives in a bush, and all he does is just beat around it… He will never look you straight in the face and tell you anything of content. He’ll will just mumble his words, so they sound a little like an idea, or a thought, but nothing too concrete.” She pumps Tyler for information.

According to Scottie’s word, Haleign learns she’s not the pawn on the block. Upon learning this fact, Haleign has an emotional breakdown and cries, “So Tyler didn’t have the backbone to tell me I was the target. Surprise, surprise. They took Fessy out last week. I’m sure, it’s on their agenda to get me out.” Haleign is devastated by this knowledge.

When it comes to eviction, Tyler wants Haleign gone; however, the house wants her to remain. Tyler said, “Casey keeps nominations the same. So right now, I’d rather Haleign go, but Level Six seems to want Scottie out this week. But at the end of the day, this is my HOH. So we will see how this goes.” Needless to say, the house wants Scottie gone, but we’ll see if Tyler gets his way.

Aside, I wonder if Big Brother worth it? First, you only make nine grand if you last the full 90 days. Second, you have no privacy of any kind in the house. Third, Big Brother tells you what to do. Fourth, you have to live on a parking lot. Fifth, you have to put up with people. Sixth, you are humiliated by guests or games. Seventh, you have to do terrible things like lie or back stab people. Eighth, the house runs out of food like milk. Finally, you’re not guaranteed of winning the big prize, so it sounds like a lot of you needless aggravation.

Overall, this episode was about game play. Level Six remained in control. Tyler worked on his relationship with remaining guests. And Casey won HOH Control Your Emojis. Nevertheless, the guests are starting to look for reasons to evict remaining house guests even if they’re dumb ones.