Madison’s Dead Christmas Dream

In the finale of Fear The Walking Dead’s season three, Madison, obviously dreaming, is hosting a macabre Christmas while a happy Christmas song plays in the background. At first, it seems like a normal Christmas function; however, most of these guests are dead: Troy Otto, Jeremiah Otto, Jake Otto, and Coop. This dream of Christmas dinner seems really creepy.

To start, Madison answers the door and invites Victor Strand, a gay Black man, into the Christmas dinner. At first, Madison and Victor exchange smiles at the door; next, Victor enters the party and begins to give out gifts. However, towards the end of the meal, Victor Strand leaves the party without telling anyone after being disgusted by the blood. it’s a strange opening to this episode.

Initially, there’s lots wrong with this scene. First, most of these guests are enemies; therefore, they would not be eating together. Second, Madison seems to have delusional beliefs by thinking this dinner would actually occur. Furthermore, it’s unlikely Jeremiah Otto’s sons would eat him. Also, as you enter Madison’s house, you see dead smiling relatives all over the walls. And Madison is the only woman at this celebration. Again, there’s lots wrong with this scene.

Additionally, the scene could be warning us about another thing: Don’t take a seat at the table of demons. Don’t partake in the demonic activities. In the scene, the guests are eating the flesh and blood of people, in much the same way of Jesus’s symbolic last supper. As well, Christmas has roots in pagan religion, a refuge for demons.

Also, the scene could be a take on Jesus’ last supper. In the last supper, Jesus has one last supper with the apostles before he’s arrested. He has a meal and talk with them; also, he shows them the meaning of his flesh and blood being spilled out by the use of unleavened bread and wine. Further, the scene with an unfilled seat suggest a missing person; similarly, the missing chair at the last supper represents Judas’ seat. Perhaps, someone is betraying the group or Madison is Judas; nonetheless, this scene is open to interpretation.

Coincidentally, in this scene, the beheading of Jeremiah Otto resembles another biblical story. In the bible, John The Baptist, the man who baptised Jesus, was beheaded by Herod at the request of his step-daughter and her mother. Herod didn’t want to behead John The Baptist, but he made a public promise and had to do it.

Another thing: Walker, a Native American, is partaking in this weird dream of Christmas traditional meal; in fact, he’s sharpening his knifes and looking forward to eating. However, historically speaking, Christmas is not a Native American tradition. In fact, the Christmas tradition, traced back to Swedish pagan tree worship, came about in the Enlightenment and around that time in the Americas. However, this is the apocalypse, so a new kind of Native American is constructed in this scene.

One particular scene with Walker and Madison is troubling: As a festivus Madison prepares to take the lid of the Christmas turkey, the scene changes to reveal a reluctant Madison who serves up the head of Jeremiah Otto (white supremacist and survivalist) as the main meal. At that moment, a downtrodden Walker looks at the head of Jeremiah then towards Madison with a blank stare. In turn, Madison looks away as if to be feeling guilty. Anyways, Jake, the son of Jeremiah, goes to dig into his father and Walker violently cleaves Jeremiah’s body; thus, more blood is spilled all over the table, and some guests don’t mind and eat. Indeed, it’s a strange, disturbing dream from Madison.

Towards the end of the scene, Madison seems to becoming self aware. She goes outside. She stops. Madison looks around and sees nothing but graves- reality is hitting home. At this point, she’s deep in thought; perhaps, she feels guilty or regrets something.

Overall, it’s a strange Christmas dream for a finale. There’s lots of symbolism. There’s lots of meaning. And it’s open to interpretation

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