Gothika, released in 2003, is a movie about possession. Psychiatrist Dr. Miranda Grey is possessed in this flick. Rachel Parsons is the victim, and she was murdered by Sheriff Ryan and Dr. Douglas Grey. The movie deals with demonic possession and revenge.

Additionally, the movie is about revenge. Rachel comes back in the form of Dr. Miranda Grey. Rachel will have revenge this way.

In the movie, the local authorities are corrupt. Sheriff Ryan and Dr. Douglas Grey torture and murder young girls. Nobody can hold them accountable because they keep it a secret.

As it happens, the spirit world takes justice into it’s hands. When possessed, Dr. Miranda Grey kills Dr. Douglas Grey. She chops him up with an axe. However, she cannot remember since she was possessed.

While in the insane asylum, Dr. Miranda Grey makes a new friend: Chloe. In a strange twist of things, Dr. Miranda Grey’s former mental patient becomes her new friend.

In the past, Miranda never listened to Chloe. Chloe claimed she was raped in the asylum. But Miranda passed the story off as mental illness.

Chloe explains the situation to Dr. Miranda Grey while showing her newspaper clips of a murder. Finally, Miranda understands: She killed her husband.

Before full revenge, Rachel must help Miranda. With the help of the supernatural, Miranda gets out of the asylum. However, the Sheriff wants her dead in order to not be exposed as a murderer. However, Miranda kills the Sheriff with the help of Rachel.

At the end, Miranda’s still possessed. Although she resolved the murder of Rachel, she still sees murder victims. The spirit never left Miranda.

I liked this movie. It’s scary to watch. It shows you the really scary things like government corruption.


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