This issue of Marvel Morlocks (2002) is called “Initiation”. To start, a new member is added to the group: Cell. After being shot by the police for gang activity, Cell’s power manifests where his cells become one. Immediately, he dissolves and ends up in the sewers of Chicago. In the sewers, he meets the Chicago Morlocks and he’s accepted into their ranks.

In the first pages of the story, the Morlocks are just trying to survive. They’re coming up from the underground to raid stores for food. They’re passing time in abandoned subways under Chicago. And they’re just hanging out and talking with each other.

While many groups of Morlocks exist across the United States, this issue deals with the Morlocks of Chicago. These mutants include: Angel Dust, Electric Eve, Litterbug, Shatter, Trader, and Cell.

Little is known about these Morlocks. Their identities remain secret. We don’t know their alias. There’s not much on their backgrounds.

However, Angel Dust does have super powers. For short periods of time, Angel Dust has great strength: She can lift 25 tons. Also, she has enhanced speed, agility, and stamina. Notably, she appeared in the Deadpool movie in 2005.

Electric Eve is another Morlock with mutant powers. She can generate short bursts of electricity. In her life on the surface, she was a hooker.


These are the powers of Litterbug. He has an exoskeleton which is unbreakable. Moreover, he has claws and great strength.

As with any group that is misunderstood or feared, these mutants are a persecuted group. The government hunts them. The group is hunted by AI robots, where they can find them. And citizens want them dead. As with many historically persecuted groups, the government wants to exterminate them.

This issue was a collaboration. Pete Franco was the assistant editor. Geoff Johns wrote the script. Shawn Martinbrough did the pencils, inks, and cover art. Mark Powers was the editor. And Greg Wright did the colors of the issue. The artists produced a great comic.

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