While being ahead of it’s time, the movie “Class Of 1984” made some interesting social commentary on society. It made suggestions about gun use in US schools. Also, it suggested violence in US schools. With teachers now carrying guns into the classroom, the movie’s message is timely.

In the movie, basically, a teacher at Abraham Lincoln High battles a gang. The teacher, played by Perry King, is Andrew Norris. The gang is Peter Stegman, Drugstore, Barnyard, Patsy, and Fallon. The fight takes place at an inner city school.

Of course, the gang’s composed of psychopaths. Peter Stegman, a sociopath, is the leader and a brilliant pianist. Drugstore is the gang’s drug dealer. Barnyard’s the gang’s muscle. Patsy’s the gang’s prostitute. And Fallon’s more muscle.

Interestingly, the movie pointed out major issues in schools. At the time of  this movie, guns and violence were big issues. Schools were requiring teachers to police students. Also, schools had over-worked security guards, and school teachers were allowed to carry guns. Furthermore, schools were using surveillance and metal detectors. Plus, schools had a graffiti problem.

At the time of this movie, no Federal Gun Free Zones Act existed. Congress wouldn’t pass this legislation till 1990. Later, this act was amended.

Unlike the teachers in the movie, today, many states allow teachers to carry concealed guns in schools. At Medina ISD in Texas, teachers can carry a concealed gun into class. Also, the University of Austin in Texas allows teachers and students to carry concealed guns onto the campus.

However, these same Texas teachers carrying concealed guns in classrooms are criminals under federal law. Federal law regulates a the nation wide gun market; therefore, states like Texas can’t carve out exemptions to the federal law.

Incidentally, merely possessing a gun isn’t regulated by federal law. In Lopez v. US, the Supreme Court said merely possessing a gun isn’t economic activity; therefore, the federal government cant’ regulate it cause it doesn’t have a substantial effect on interstate commerce.

Because of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting at a school, people believe guns are necessary for safety. In Sandy Hook, 20 children and six adults were killed. Because of this shooting, many believe that armed teachers could of stopped the shooting.

Strangely, the lyrics from Alice Cooper’s song “I Am The Future” predicted the future. Alice Cooper sings, “When does a dream become a nightmare? When do we do what must be done? When do we stand and face the future? When there is nowhere left to run?” Guns and violence became a reality in US schools.

In summary, the movie is interesting because it makes a social commentary on US schools. Namely, guns and violence in schools. The movie is a good watch because it showed us guns and violence in schools before it was a big issue.

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