SarahSixTwo Meets JokerKingOfMisfits

At 11 pm on Friday, May 7, 2017, in front of my laptop, I watched SarahSixTwo’s and JokerKingOfMisfit’s meet-up on Vaughnlive.

Apparently, I arrived just in time to see JokerKingOfMisfits (aka Joker444 aka WishUWould aka Joker) passing out.

“She’s wide awake and I’m done,” a tired Joker pointed out.

Moreover, Joker was himself as usual.

“Know what I mean?” Joker said.

At the meet-up of three people, Joker made small talk with SarahSixTwo’s guest.

“How long have you known Sarah for?” Joker asked.

In addition, Joker reminisced about the bus ride when coming to visit Sarah.

“I actually talked to someone on the bus…I haven’t seen one corn field,” Joker disclosed.

Nevertheless, Joker was tired.

“You have a good sleep. Soon as you lay down, I’m going to take a nap,” Joker said.

But Joker was waiting for food.

“Here’s your fries!” Sarah shouted.

Sarah played music for guests.

“GQ, what do you want to hear?” Sarah screamed.

At this get together, a guest wanted to hear Drake.

“Arrested Behavior by Drake?” Sarah asked.

Needless to say, SarahSixTwo was hungry.

“I got the biggest, nastiest double cheese burger. Triple bacon!” Sarah announced.

Incidentally, Joker eats messy.

“Dropped on my shirt…Lots of Ketchup, I guess,” Joker mumbled.

SarahSixTwo greeted DMK, a well-known chatter, while she read chat box comments

“DMK says, ‘LA all day!'” Sarah mentioned.

The meet-up was funny. The group met in a hotel room. They sat in front of the cam. They chatted with chatters in the chat box. Smartphones were checked for messages. They showed pictures to the chatters. It felt odd to watch this gathering.

As the cast continued for the rest of the weekend, Joker was already tired and SarahSixTwo was ready to party.

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