On Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 3 am, I watched the Carpenter’s “Superstar” video, which is a haunting video.

With the spotlight shining down, the video looks like a funeral. The band’s heads are lowered throughout the video. They’re dressed in black suits. However, Karen is dressed in a white dress, which could suggest it’s her interment. The Carpenters are placed on pedestals, and you get the feeling we’re attending a burial.

Karen Carpenter captures raw emotion with this song. You can feel the pain and suffering in her voice. Her lyrics convey a sense of loss and loneliness. She’s exposed to the world and seems vulnerable.

Here, Karen seems to sing about a bad break-up. She could be singing about a personal break-up with a past boyfriend. Also, she could be singing about a break-up with her band. In any case, it’s a sad break-up song.

Perhaps, this was the Carpenter’s swan song. Certainly, it’s one of their best performances. Indeed, it was Karen’s best known song, which people think of.

Were the Carpenters trying to tell us something like other artists about death? Certainly, Aaliyah had a video of her death in “One In A Million” before she died. Similarly, Tupac Shakar hinted at being in heaven with his “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” video. Maybe, too, the Carpenters were telling us about the end.

In the past, many artists have covered the song “Superstar”. In the rap world, Lupe Fiasco did a version it. Sonic Youth did a revision of it in punk rock. Throughout the years, many artists have interpreted this song.

In conclusion, we remember the Carpenters. Especially, we recall Karen Carpenter. She really gave a royal performance in “Superstar”.

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