On Monday, December 12th at 1 a.m, I tuned into SarahSixTwo’s channel on VaughnLive–and she was drunk, again.

After the Christmas weekend party, Sarah casted for hours.

“Party don’t stop to 3 in the morning,” she shouted.

Additionally, Sarah was tanked by Monday morning.

“‘She is drunk like always?’ Yeah, it happens to be my party weekend. I’m off from work,” she slurred. “Of course we’re drinking. It’s the weekend. I just got off work.”

However, Sarah isn’t a “druggie” because she only drinks and smokes.

“I don’t do drugs. I just drink and smoke cigs,” she disclosed.

Further, Sarah from Omaha greeted chatters.

“Hi, Happy Holiday. Morgan, welcome the fuck! Monkey, hi, hi,” she laughed.

However, Sarah had a sleepover guest from the weekend party.

“I drove him. I picked him up. He went to our party last night,” she pointed out, “and he is still here. He broke up with his fiance’. Last night they had a big ass fight, so he’s camping here and his girlfriend hates me,” she explained.

By early morning, Sarah had beef with her guests.

“I’m not tripping about nothing. Who, who? Wait. I thought we got some drama, yeah,” she said.

Similarly, Sarah had beef with a caster.

“Little Aussie girl? She ain’t shit,” she remarked.

Also, Sarah doesn’t want a boyfriend.

“I promise you. I will never have a boyfriend. Anybody that wants a boyfriend or girlfriend is crazy as shit. Hell, fucking no…Friends with benefits, yes!” she exclaimed.

By early Monday morning in December of her weekend, Sarahsixtwo was finally poofed from drinking.

“What you going to do? I’m about to shut this shit down,” she informed. “I’m about to go to bed. I don’t even want to drink no more.”

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