RealNiceGuy Trolls VaughnLive!

It’s the early morning of Friday, September 16, 2016, and I’m sitting in a Vaughnlive channel, which is RealNiceGuys’s Slutz and Trollz Room.

While listening to the 1980s music of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” RealNiceGuy, an Aboriginal Australian broadcaster, laments about not being able to troll guests.

“You can’ make fun out of people if you don’t know who they are,” smirked RealNiceGuy.

Though determined to make a decent troll, RealNiceGuy begins to add his trolls.

“It must be hard not to come in my room and do love hearts,” laughed RealNiceGuy.

After a while, however, RealNiceGuy’s attention turned to woman.

“That was a Zelda accent you asshole,” grinned RealNiceGuy.

Although that wasn’t enough, other chatters noticed women rubbing off on RealNiceGuy.

“Rng sounds like Jackie Lee,” said Guest_3010950252.

However, some chatters didn’t care.

“Ah nah I was rolling a joint,” said an indifferent Guest_3010950252.

As time passed through the night, RealNiceGuy started judging the girls.

“I’m going to be your dad tonite. You daddy girls! You have daddy issues,” chuckled RealNiceGuy.

Because of the judging, chatters started judging RealNiceGuy.

“That’s what dad did, smoked, drank and ignored his kids,” Guest_4698950377.

Other chatters brought up RealNiceGuys’s doxing, which wasn’t surprising.

“ReallyPatheticGuy wants to dox zelda and Bambi,” commented Guest_5982949893.

When things calmed down, RealNiceGuy confessed that he doesn’t like treating chatters like dogs.

“I can’t kick a dog. I can’t troll weirdos like Paradice or Mike. People like that have given up. They’re just lying on the floor with a target on their ribs, ” confessed RealNiceGuy. “Where did it all go wrong with Paradice?”

Even if RealNiceGuy didn’t like hurting animals, he sure didn’t like Vaughlive’s Bubbaganoosh or GG.

“Bubba mutes me when I troll him,” whined RealNiceGuy. “I’m going to give it to him. Bubba is fucked!..Bubba and Gamer Girl they are all shitting their pants,” said a mad RealNiceGuy.

Eventually, RealNiceGuy cammed down and retired to trolling the chatbox.

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