With Covid-19 and all the homeless in California living along Venice Beach these days, here’s a 1986 horror movie about evil spirits who live, never sleep, and travel California in a black van. Enjoy:)

Did you ever have a dream and not know when it started? The old men on Atavak used to tell a tale of the dangers of travelling far… of hunting alone, on the ice. How one might no longer know what was… real. We are so very far from home you know… All of us. We have wandered so very far from home.

There are places with pasts, Pommier. Places with secrets. Things… collect. You just looked too closely. Most people are luckier: They never know that a certain percentage of what they see is… not there. But the problem now is not what you know, it’s what they know. You. They know about you. Go away, Pommier. Leave your house and change your job. Go and hide yourself. You can still survive this… But you must not try to fight them. Listen to me. If you’ve never run from anything in your life, run from this. They’re leading you into another world.

Jean Charles Pommier:
They’re not real. They can’t do anything.

They brought you here, Pommier.