In “Stained Glass” of the Cloak And Dagger television series airing on the Freeform channel, Detective O’Reilly is looking for Tandy. Furthermore, Tandy and Tyrone have similar dreams. Finally, a vice cop get O’Reilly’s case dropped. This is an interesting episode, which delves into the background of Cloak And Dagger.

“Stainded Glass” begins with a rap song. Here’s the lyrics, “On the prowl, no backing down, no stopping now..”

As the segment continues, Tyrone and Tandy meet up. Tyrone tells Tandy, saying, “We have a concussion of some kind. Calm down.” Tandy replies, “You trying to kill me?” Tyrone asks, “No. Why would you ask that?” Finally, Tandy explains, “Cause you have a gun in your hand. Wait, you’re that kid from the party. The graveyard. The beach.”

Afterward, in the episode, Detective O’Reilly heads to the hospital to interview a beating victim. She says: “Is now a bad time Mr. Cut?” The victim replies: “Detective O’Reilly right? My uncle works for the police foundation. He told me you were trying to find who did this.”

Later, O’Reilly goes to Tandy’s house. She bangs on Tandy’s door, saying, “Miss Bowen are you home?”

Tandy’s mom and the O’Reilly talk at the door. O’Reilly says: “Miss Bowen? I am Detective O’Reilly. I am looking for your daughter, Tandy. Is she around?”

But O’Reilly wants to enter Tandy’s home and look around since she doesn’t believe Tandy’s mom.

“Are you sure? Do you mind if I come inside? If you don’t mind.”

However, the mom’s boyfriend is a lawyer, and he has some questions about civil rights.

“What? You can’t come in here without a warrant.”

Meanwhile, Tandy leaves town. A song plays on the bus. And she has a weird dream.

In Tandy’s dream, she meets a young Tyrone. Through the dream, Tyrone is engulfed in light. And there is some kind of basketball game, and Tyrone’s dead brother is there. Tandy’s dream is odd.

At the same time, Tyrone has a dream. In his sleep, he meets Tandy. And she’s in some darkness. Really, it’s a strange dream.

Both Tandy’s and Tyrone’s dream has a theme: repeating destructive cycles. Tandy tries to help Tyrone break a destructive cycle, and Tyrone tries to help Tandy break a destructive cycle. When the destructive cycle is broken, they both wake up.

Tandy has another stranger dream. In one scene, she’s a child giving bread, and it’s the bread of Christ to his followers. However, as they eat it, the followers fall over and die. Moreover, in the background of the dream, Tandy and Tyrone are etched in stained glass.

At this point, the story goes back to Detective O’Reilly who meets a vice cop. The vice says, “O’Reilly right? O’Reilly says, “That’s right. Vice replies, “Connors. Vice. I got a present for you. You can buy me a beer later.” O’Reilly tells him, “What’s this? How did you get this?”

Apparently, the vice cop has some new evidence for Detective O’Reilly. The vice cop says: “Found it on a junkie dealer on heroin.” O’Reilly asks: “Someone claims they found this on a dead drug addict?” The vice says: “Not someone. Me. Took it off the stiff myself during a vice raid. Seems your case was just a mugging gone wrong. O’Reilly states: “None of that fits the evidence!

Vice tells O’Reilly the case is closed. The vice says, “So what. The case is closed. O’Reilly says, “I am sorry. Did you say, ‘The case is closed?'” The vice cop adds, “Check with the LT if you don’t believe me. You know, Reilly, that beer, the one you owe me. Make sure it’s not none of the hipster Brooklyn shat alright?”

In a final scene of “Stained Glass,” Tandy and O’Reilly arrange to meet. Tandy calls O’Reilly, saying: “Hi Dectective, Tandy Bowen. My mom gave me your card. You serious about what you said? I am willing to stay and face this.”

However, since the case is dropped, Tandy and O’Reilly don’t need to meet up. Tandy tells O’Reily, “So that it?” O’Reilly replies, “That’s it. For what’s it worth, I am sorry.”

In conclusion, “Stained Glass” was about a few things. First, Detective O’Reilly sets out to interview Tandy. Next, Cloak and Dagger have odd dreams. Finally, a vice cop gets O’Reilly’s case dropped, which seemed to come out of nowhere. I enjoyed the storylines in this episode, which followed the comic book.