And The Dead Shall Bury The Living

In issue 149 of the Uncanny X-Men titled “And The Dead Shall Bury The Living,” the X-Men keep tabs on Magneto, an arch enemy of the X-Men, and try to check his power by infiltrating his volcanic base and dispatching one of his guards: Garokk.

As the story starts, reminiscing about a past mission, Professor Xavier, founder and mentor of the X-Men, tells us about Magneto, an evil mutant and leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Professor mentions to himself via a recorder, saying: “He was the first ‘evil’ mutant the X-Men fought, and to this day, remains our deadliest enemy.”

As he continues, Professor Xavier tells us about the last X-Men and Magneto battle. “Our latest confrontation, this time involving the ‘new’ X-Men, occurred in an installation buried beneath an active antarctic volcano, all concerned were fortunate to escape with their lives,” Professor Xavier mentions to his audience.

While in the middle of his diction, the professor is interrupted by one of his gifted students, Kitty Pryde, a mutant with an ability to phase through walls. Kitty laughes and informs Xavier, “Hi ya, Professor! Have I got a surprise for you! Preeeee-sentng–The all new, all different, altogether stunning-Sprite! What do you think, Professor? Pretty snazzy, huh? I really hate that clunky old uniform, you gave me. It’s positively antique! I’d figure I’d make some improvements and…” She wants to show off her new costume to Professor Xavier.

However, the professor isn’t amused with Kitty.

“Katherine Pryde! How often have I told you…That I am never to be disturbed without permission when I am working. By phasing through the wall, you have completely disrupted the computer’s circuitry. All the data I had onscreen and in temporary storage when you entered has been irretrievably lost,” as he screams at Kitty.

Meanwhile, at an earlier point in the story, the X-Men leave for a mission.

“Their departure is delayed until evening when chances of detection are miminal. But by midnight…They are streaked south over the atlantic soaring at hyersonic speed along the edge of space itself. Aboard their sole remaining craft — A specially modified SR-71 Blackbird. Their destination is the bottom of the earth.”

During the mission, two X-Men, Collosus and Wolverine, play cards. Wolverines yells at Collosus, saying, “Again? This is flaming embarrassing!”

Moreover, Wolverine finds Kitty stowed away on the plane. He says, ‘Surprise , surpries–Look who’s snoozin’ in the storage locker. Rise and shine, Punkin!” Kitty growns, ‘Lego of me, you big bully!’

In the meantime, an enemy is watching the X-Men when they find and land in Magneto’s base. Apparently, it’s Garokk, a guardian set up by Magneto who has powers, meets up with Kitty, saying, “Behold, child. The ruin of a living God! Behold Garokk. I am keeper of this place, charged–Nay, condemned –by Magneto to defend it against all intruders. Do not resist me, child, or attempt to escape. Neither will succeed. I offer a quick death.” However, Kitty tells him: “Geez! Thanks a lot!”

That being said, Garokk attempts to kill Kitty.

“Unconscious, Storm? What a pity. You’re making things too easy for me. The child is dead, and you and Collosus lie helpless before me. That leaves two of your party unaccounted for. No doubt, they are already moving into position to attack me. They think they have the advantage,” utters Garokk.

However, things turn out terrible for Garokk. The narrator of the story tells us: “And then the man-turned God-turned demon screams as he loses his precarious balance and plummets to the end he had so gleefully meant for Storm.” Further, he states, “It is a sight, a sound, a memory that will haunt Kiddy Pryde for the rest of her days.”

In the end, the Uncanny X-Men recover and discuss Magneto. Storm, looking rested, tells Wolverine: “Megnato went to considerable trouble to excavate and protect his complex.” Wolverine replies, “Yeah? But what? And when is he going to strike? And where? And most important of all, darling, when Maggy finally makes his move, how the blazes are we going to stop him?’

Briefly, I liked this story. We got to see Kitty Pryde’s new costume even though Professor Xavier never noticed it till after the mission. Plus, we met a new villain, Garokk, although it was a short lived meeting. At the end of the day after not finding Magneto, the X-Men call it a day and Kitty goes to show her new costume to Professor Xavier.