Even though I’ve suspected it for a long time, Legion’s “Chapter Five” reveals Lenny as the Shadow King. During this big reveal, along the way, we learn many terrifying things about the mutants and Lenny.

With the start of Chapter Five, Sydney makes a promise to David. She leans over and mentions to David: “Just promise me, if you get lost, we get lost together.” They agree to get lost together.

Also, we learn David will rescue Amy in this episode. Defiantly, David looks to Sydney, saying: “I know where they’re holding Amy. I’ll be going to get her… It’s be fun. Save the girl. Get a snack.” However, David reveals more in his words than Sydney pays attention to like he’s really the Shadow King, and he only wants to rescue Amy in order to snack on Division 3 and Sydney.

During this episode, the group’s best interest is revealed to the group. Melanie informs the mutants: “We can’t lose him. He’s too powerful.” She knows David can win this war with Division 3.

However, Lenny tells the truth about Melanie’s group. Lenny reveals to the mutants at the end of Chapter Five: “You people tried to be in all these ideas in his head.” Lenny explains the group tried to win David over to their cause.

During this broadcast, David figures out the whole mess, which is his life. In a rage, David screams at the mutants: “My whole life is a lie.” Now, David is mad.

Of course, Lenny returns in this episode to soothe David with her nice songs. She sings to David while they are having a private talk in his Sydney illusion: “I am you. I am me. I am everything you want to be.” Apparently, Lenny and David or the same person.

Meanwhile, throughout this show, David remains confused,  and Sydney reaffirms her commitment to help him figure out reality. Sydney signs and says to David: “Do you have a minute. Well, like yesterday. We did some digging into your past. And I think we may know what’s real.” However, she has to get David’s attention in order to help him with figuring out reality.

In any case, it’s this program where David has found a way around Sydney’s power to be with her. David says:

“It’s ok. I just wanted you to know, I found a way for us to be together…It’s all just an illusion… I see that now. Why did I fight so hard… Just a room by a beach. I made it. They’re signals, that’s all. What you see and what you hear. Impulses sent from nerve endings. Electricity in the brain! Real. Fake. It’s all the same. You know, they say the brain is the largest erogenous zone. We are really touching.”

Since Sydney cannot touch people because she’ll switch bodies with them, David create an illusion where they could touch.

Back at Summerland, David and Melanie have a nice conversation about Oliver. David says: “He remembers very little, I think. Facts. He makes his own reality now. But there was a moment… You want me to take you there?” Melanie is curious about Oliver.

However, Oliver pays David a surprise visit. When David enters the elevator, Oliver announces over the intercom: “Elevator going up. Mind the doors.” Oliver is keeping an eye on David.

In David’s second illusion with Amy, Lenny is waiting in the other room, in a bathtub, and she’s bouncing a ball against the shower wall. When David comes to see her, she tells him:

“It’s about Amy right? Saving Amy. Come on. Forget these losers. You saw what happened when we worked together. Our muscle. These three patsies aren’t going to know what hit em. But we have to go now. And we have to move fast…I said, I love it here. All these happy shiny people. Time to go.”

Lenny quits bouncing the ball and they get down to business.

Some strange things are happening when David goes to rescue Amy. Basically, he kills lots of Division 3 soldiers; however, it’s unclear if it’s really David since it’s the Shadow King who appears on the monitors. Indeed, the Shadow King may be in control of David’s mind.

In this segment, David kills the old man who played with Amy’s sense of morality aka conscience. The dying old man confesses to Sydney: “We were wrong. We had it all. He took her. The sister. We knew, he’d come. We were ready. We thought. We were ready. So much power. It wears a human face. Be careful. He wears a human face.” Division 3 and the old man finally confess to the fact that David might be something else.

That being said, it’s Chapter Five when the mutants begin to catch on about the Shadow King. In an almost in coherent fashion, Cary tries to explain to the mutant, saying:

“I think we were wrong. The whole approach. Treating him like the others. He is schizophrenic. I mean split mind. This monster isn’t David. It’s a parasite of some kind. You see, another consciousness inside of him. This thing burrowed into David’s brain when he was a boy, maybe even a baby. And it has been there feeding on him every since. Memories exactly. Every time David sees this thing or realizes it’s there, this creature makes him forget. It rewrites his memory. And I think it made you forget as well. And the power of this thing. No, David is a very powerful mutant. He has to be otherwise this thing would split him apart. An older mutant. It’s consciousness separated from it’s body and living inside David for thirty years.”

In a terrifying scene toward the end of Chapter Five, Lenny scares the hell out of Amy. Lenny shows Amy her many faces:

“Hi. Look at you. She actually a hot bod under all that tight as.. house frump bullshat. I am David. Or wait, I am Benny. Ha. I mean I am Lenny. Or is it? King? Or is it my favorite….You have a secret.”

Lenny reveals she’s the Shadow King.

With that, Melanie and the underground have left the real world. Melanie warns the underground to be watchful: “Careful. There’s a chance we’ve left the real world. And we’re in David’s world now.” They’re now on David’s aka Shadow King’s turf.

Overall, I loved this episode. For the main reason, I suspected Lenny of being the Shadow King for some time. Also, I suspected the Shadow King of living in David’s head. Moreover, I suspected the dog, King, of being the Shadow King in David’s head. Finally, it’s revealed in this segment the Shadow King and his many personalities in David’s head. It was a scary, entertaining broadcast.