Legion’s “Chapter Three” is an interesting episode with a few good stories lines to follow. First, one story line picks up with the torture of Amy by Clark Debussy, a government interrogator for Division 3. Also, another story line follows Syndey’s suspicions about Melanie Bird. Plus, additional story lines follow David’s memory work with Ptonomy Wallace, a memory mutant introduced in Chapter Two. All these interesting story lines developments are integral to understanding the story of Legion.

To begin, Division 3 has David’s sister, Amy, and they’re beginning to torture and interrogate her. Clark Debussy, the interrogator, calmly states to Amy, saying: “Shall we begin?” Using a confrontation and guilt-presumptive approach, much like the infamous and banned Reid Technique designed to get coerced confessions, Division 3 starts the interviews aka interrogations.

Also, this segment, we see Summerland, which resembles a bootcamp. First, we learn mutants have little privacy. Second, men and women are showering together, which suggests an underlying political agenda. Third, this boot camp is secluded in the country. Fourth, there are mutant barracks complete with adjacent bunks. Moreover, this boot camp seems to be about a nicer, gentler form of brain washing.

Plus, the issue of multiple identities is discussed in Chapter Two. Sydney explains to David: “We’re are more than just this. I’ve been a Chinese man. A 300 pound woman. A five-year-old girl. But everywhere I go, I am me.” Although Sydney has had many identities, she’s “Sydney” at the core of her multiple identities.

Meanwhile, we see Lenny return as David’s conscience during this broadcast. In a strange meeting, Lenny reminds David: “It’s sweet, really. They think, they can save you. What do you think you’re doing kid? You think you are safe here with these clowns? Like the hospital helped you?” Deep down in his mind, via Lenny, David knows he’s still not safe.

Furthermore, Lenny reminds David of the more important things in his life to make sure of. In a brief encounter with David in the research lab, Lenny warns: “Oh, no, that’s good. I am happy for you. Meanwhile, who knows how many commandos are gang banging your sister right in the corn hole. But you’re right, that’s good. Work on ‘you’ man! That’s what matters.” According to Lenny, David needs to focus on priorities.

Additionally, Lenny draws David’s attention to Melanie Bird’s motives for helping him out. Lenny tells David: “Malanie said? You think Melanie is on your side? That bitch’s secrets have secrets.” Particularly, Melanie’s reasons for helping David might be bad.

Needless to say, with so many story lines, Chapter Three can be challenging to follow in the Legion series. You have to keep track of different lens aka perspectives: Who’s perspective are we seeing the world through at this time during this scene? Is it David’s perspective or Sydney’s perspective? That being said, we never know since Sydney can change bodies, and she doesn’t tell anyone till after she’s done so.

Meantime, Division 3, with the help of an old man, plays upon Amy’s conscience:

“Amy. Didn’t you once tell your husband it felt like you once grew up in a haunted house, strange noises in the night? Things moving on their own? You’d leave your brother in the bathroom and find him wondering outside, and when he told people about the voices, the visions, they said, ‘he was sick?’ They locked him up, so you said nothing. You let them put him in that place when you knew, you knew, there was something else going on, something magical. Your brother has psychic powers. He’s a god, and you let them turn him into a fool. Now, he’s running around, free in the armed position, with too much power and no self control. And if you have any conscience, you’ll help me find him so I can turn him off.”

By playing with Amy’s sense of morality, Division 3 will go to any length to get information from Amy about David’s whereabouts.

Also, in this segment, Sydney airs her suspicions about Melanie; namely, her knowing more about Division 3 then she’s letting on to the mutants. Sydney tells Melanie in a private talk: “Who are they? No, the guy with the perm. You know him!” Sydney confronts Melanie about knowing Clark Debussy, the government interrogator for Division 3. 

Furthermore, Sydney questions the authenticity of David’s memories. She tells David: “I am not so sure those are memories.” Perhaps, some of David’s memories are implants.

With all these “fake” memories allegations, I am beginning to think David’s subconcious is warning him about Melanie Bird. In Chapter Two, we see David suffering from PTSD where Melanie Bird has black eyes, which is characteristic of demonically possessed people. Of course, it could all be PTSD related in David’s mind, but Malanie’s eyes did turn black when she talked to David in Chapter Two.

Towards the end of this broadcast, Melanie discusses the theory behind Summerland’s treatment methods to Sydney. She explains social theory this way to Sydney:  “The sedation keeps his rational brain from being here. The child is the part of his mind that is still awake.” Here, Melanie draws upon social theory concepts from Sigmund Freud, Herbert Mead, and some psychoanalysis in her discussion with Sydney.

Chapter Three sees David tell Sydney about his past. During a heart to heart, David mentions to Sydney:  “I used to be a junkie. Before Clockworks. Before we met. I lied to people, and I stole.” This past happened before David entered Division 3’s Clockworks.

In summary, this was another episode. The viewers learned more about Sydney’s power to change bodies without anyone’s knowledge. Also, viewers learned that Melanie maybe playing both sides of the fence, so to speak, and David’s suspicions may be true about her: She’s evil. Plus, Melanie discussed social theory with Sydney. Chapter Tree delivered lot for the viewers about Legion.