In “Chapter Two” of Legion, David has escaped from Division 3 and heads to Summer Land. Here, he becomes familiar with his rescuers; however, Division 3 is still looking for David and has captured his adopted sister, Amy.

As fugitives from the law, David and his friends head for a place called Summer Land. David points out to viewers: “And so we ran on into Summer Land. And the place they said, ‘Did not exist,’ and all the while wolves were at our heels.”

Here, David gets to to know the mysterious Melanie Bird. Melanie informs David: “The human race is beginning to evolve.”

Malanie tells David he’s in danger. Melanie reveals: “The divisions were created to track and study people like you and Sid. And the ones they can’t control, they kill.”

By means of a memory mutant in Melanie’s group, the group begins to help David control his powers. Needless to say, some of David’s earliest memories are frightening; especially, memories in regards to his dead dad. In particular, one memory is terrifying in which David’s dad is reading him a scary book called “The World’s Most Angriest Boy in The World”. With the help of the memory mutant, the group hopes to figure out what triggers David’s powers.

During this time, David’s girlfriend, Sydney, also has some returning memories. Calmly, Sydney tells David about killing Lenny: “I think I killed your friend. Sorry.”

Interestingly, people can’t tell if Sydney has switched bodies. Sydney divulges this information to David: “Well, they heard it. When I used your power, Malanie and the others. They heard it and came. And Division 3 came because they heard it too. They thought they found you, but it was really me. Surprise.” Sydney has to tell people when she has switched bodies. Melanie, the other mutants, Division 3, or David cannot tell if Melanie has changed bodies with someone.

Even though Lenore aka Lenny died in Chapter One, Lenny is back in Chapter Two. In one scene, we see David wondering around in the streets when Lenny calls out to him: “Good in the head now?”

That being said, the two push a kitchen range around town to trade it. Lenny points out: “Dude. Look. I don’t care what you do with it. I am just trying to trade a kitchen range for drugs. Mosotov.” They want drugs.

Towards the end of this segment, it’s seems Division 3 has captured David’s adopted sister, Katie. Sydney confides in David: “We can rescue her like we can rescue you.” David doesn’t want his sister to die.

Briefly, Chapter One is about David’s escape from the government facility. Here, he gets acquainted with the mysterious Melenie Bird and other mutants in Summer Land. Also, he undergoes memory treatment with Melanie Bird, while Sydney’s at his side. However, Division 3 is not far behind, and they have captured David’s adopted sister, Amy. During David’s escape from the government facility, he begins to feel out his new surroundings.