Throughout “afterMath” of the Gifted, we learn about the mutant who was broken out of the asylum by the Hellfire Club. As well, we hear about how the mutant underground helps an escaped mutant, although this mutant dies on the operating table.

During afterMath, Erg wants Blink to be his spy. Blink tells Erg: “Are you asking me to be your spy?”

Aside, in the community, the news media continues to report on the mutant terrorist attack. A local news caster tells us:

“It was a violent, unprovoked attack that left the staff of Lynwood hospital beaten and bloodied. The people behind today’s attack say they are freedom fighters. They released mentally unstable violent mutants. Words matter folks. Call this what it is: Mutant extremist terrorism! They take hostages. They force them to make bogus confessions. They are terrorists. And lets talk about the so-called victims at the mental hospital. These people were locked up for a reason. They’re capable of horrific violence and must not be allowed to roam freely. We’re talking about people who have committed unspeakable acts. Deemed unfit to live among the general population. One of these guys secretes acid from his skin. A powerful corrosive that destroys anything that it comes into contact with. Does that sound like someone that should be walking the streets? These peoples are fugitives. We need to track them down and put them away before they hurt or even kill innocent people.”

Meanwhile, the underground and the newly freed mutants from the mental hospital are being hunted. The causes Blink to suggest an escape plan: “What about the Morlocks? A mutant group. They live underground. Do you prefer to get caught?” They’ll need the Morlocks to make the plan work.

That being said, the underground and the mutants from Lynwood are desperate for help. Blink tells the group: “He [Erg] helped us. It may not be ideal. But it may be the only thing to keep these people safe.” It seems the group’s only hope are the Morlocks.

Additionally, the media warns about more mutant attacks. Local television news broadcasts this message to the public:

“A group claiming responsibility for today’s attack released the following statement. Mutants, our fate is in our own hands. And this is the tip of the spear. It’s time mutants must rise. The group known only by the hashtag ‘Mutant Uprising’ has already inspired protests. Meanwhile, civil rights advocates, while condemning the violence, noted they have long criticized…Human rights organizations feared today’s attack will encourage other terrorist mutant groups to release more dangerous mutants on our society.”

During this segment, we learn Blink regrets her deal with Erg. Angrily, Blink tells Erg: “You strong armed me into being your spy. You wanted information. Here! A list of mutants we helped in the underground. And their powers.”

Erg clarifies the deal, at least the way he sees it, to Blink. Erg reiterates: “Our deal didn’t include taking in refugees from the mental hospital.”

However, Blink calls out Erg. She says: “They had no where to go. I guess you can only care about people that can do something for you? You sound just like the inner circle.” Blink doesn’t like Erg’s behavior.

Nevertheless, Erg defends himself. He tells Blink: “We are nothing like them. This is a community. I protect these people.”

Still, Blink pleads with Erg. Blink explains to Erg: “Exactly. You claim to be some mutant saviour? Then do some freeking saving! Those refugees out there need you! Please!”

Finally, Erg acquiesces to Blink. Erg assents to Blink: “Alright. I will take them. But first you are going to help me.”

Meantime, Marcos has a heart to heart talk with a newly released mutant from Lynwood about the Hellfire Club. Marcos tells her: “They say the are building something to help all the mutants. Hitler had big dreams too.”

Also, we learn in this episode, Rebecca is the mutant broken out of the asylum by the Hellfire Club. Apparently, we learn in this segment, Rebecca can turn objects inside out. She reveals her power to Andy who she trusts.

Plus, during this installment, ex Sentinel Services director, Jace Turner, comes up with an insidious plan, which he pitches to the Purifiers. Jace’s plan is to make the Purifiers look like the good guys.

“The mutants that escaped from the hospital are dangerous. Somebody needs to get them off the streets… Well, on the news, it said some of them are injured. They are going to be looking for a place to get treated. You go to all the mutant friendly clinics. The hospital. You find the fugitives. You turn them in. And you show everybody that the Purifiers are part of the solution. The Purifiers will help carry out the plan.”

At the end of the program, Erg convinces Blink to help him rob a store for food. After pointing out it’s stealing, Blink gives in to Erg’s wishes. Blink only agrees because it will feed the underground.

Overall, this episode focused on the news, the undergrounds failed efforts to save mutant lives, and the Morlocks. The news continued to report on the mutant terrorist attack. Also, the underground failed at saving a mutant life. Finally, we continued to learn about the Morlocks; specifically, their mission and mark.