The Gifted’s “Complications”

In “Complications” of The Gifted, Polaris’ and Marcos’ baby falls sick; additionally, Thunderbird and Blink meet with the Morlocks in the sewers.

The story begin when a reluctant Blink discusses Erg, the mutant separtist who lives in the sewers. Blink tells Thunderbird, “Erg. And he lives with his buddies in the sewers?”

After that,  Polaris’ baby falls sick. In a desperate move, the Frost sisters go to Marco and plead, “It’s the baby. There is something wrong.”

However, too, the Frost sisters want Marcos to prove himself. They tell Marcos, “You want to redeem youself as a daddy? Then do as you are told. Good boy.”

Aside, Marco reunites with his dad, although it’s a difficult reunion. Marcos’ dad says, “Demon’s power for the cartel. And you try to buy me son. I did not abandon you. I gave you a choice.”

Throughout the story, Reed Strucker’s mutant powers manifest while he’s driving for medical supplies. As a result, Reed and Lauren crash their car and almost die. Although scrapped and bleeding, the Struckers survive and continue on their journey to gather medical supplies.

Meantime, the Morlocks make their first appearance in this episode. Erg, the leader of the Morlocks, meets Blink and tells her, “Welcome to the real underground. Morlocks.”  The Morlucks live underground in the sewers, and they have their own society.

That being said, Calisto is yet to be seen in The Gifted. According to the internet blogs, Calisto, the leader of the Morlocks in the Uncanny X-Men comics, can’t be mentioned in The Gifted television series. Apparently, this major X-Men character, along with other major X-Men characters, is off limits for this Fox series. However, Calisto is part of an upcoming Marvel studio movie.

The show sees something big going on with the Hellfire Club’s inner circle. When Thunderbird and Blink were talking, it’s revealed that the Frost sisters hacked the health departmart internet cables. And the Morlocks witnessed them cutting the cables.

During a private conversation, Thunderbird and Blink have a tough decision to make in the future. Thunderbird tells Polaris, “Lauren and Andy are never going to get out of the Inner Circle. And we are probably going to have to kill them.” Eventually, the new mutants must kill Lauren and Andy.

Also, Reeva Pagye, leader of the Hellfire Club and inner circle, discusses her “revolution” with the Frost sisters. She explains to the Frost sisters, “You must remember our plans are bigger than him. They are bigger than any of us. We are creating something special. Now lets get to work girls. This revolution is not going to start itself.” In keeping with Marx’s idea of revolution, the workers aka the Frost sisters must unite, become conscious of their shared interests, and revolt against the capitalists.

In brief, we see Polaris’ and Marcos’ baby get sick; as well, we are introduced to the Morlocks. The baby recovers, and the Morlocks make their first appeanance in this segment. Plus, Reeva and the HellFire Club are getting ready for a revolution. This installment sets the stage for Polaris’s and Marcos’ baby and the Morlock storylines.