Just the other day, I watched the Joker and Negan fight on Youtube. The bout was titled “Joker vs. Negan.” Fans voted 79 for Joker while 21 for Negan. I always wanted to watch Joker fight someone like Negan, although it probably would never happen.

At ComicCon, Carnage was asked about this fight during his interview. Carnage gave us his answer, “Me choose Negan. Cause he’s bad like us.”

Also, Superman thought Joker would win. He told the the viewers during his interview, “I think the Joker is going to win.”

Furthermore, Wonder Woman agrees with Batman. She admited, “I got to be a little bit loyal to the Joker.”

When asked more about the win, Batman adds this about the Joker: “Definitely the Joker.” Furthermore, he says, “He’s a pretty funny guy. And his jokes. They’re bad.”

Additionally, a random kid chimed in about the Joker’s win. He smiled and added, “The Joker. Cause he has all the tricks.”

Oddly, Harly Quinn thinks Negan will win the fight, She says at interview time, “It’s going to be Negan. Negan is just all that kind of crazy. I don’t know. There’s something about Lucile. She’s real cute. I like it.”

Becasue it’s a huge event, Harly Quinn streams the fight online. Further, Joker tells Negan, “This is Harly Quinn. She’ll be streaming our entire fight for the underworld to see when I rip youR face off.”

Since Joker and Harly are a couple, she’s partial to the Joker. Harly confesses, “The sexiest, most handsome, and most dangerous man alive, the Joker. And this other guy that needs a shave. Negan.”

In regards to the fight, Joker won. Joker points out after the fight, “It turns out, this poor sappy Negan was no match for the clown prince of crime.”

Harly chides Joker for breaking the rules in the fight. Harley sighs, “Naughty, naughty. Guns are agains the rules.” Joker smirks, “There’s a shocker. I am cheating.”

Before the fight is over, Negan almost wins by turning on the gas oven. When Joker shoots, Joker catches on fire. However, Joker wins by electrocuting Negan in the end.

When Negan had Joker down, Negan bragged before winning the fight. Negan laughed, “Who owns this place?” Joker winced, “Nee, nee, nee, need a light?” as he beat Negan.

As a result of the fight, Joker almost had to fight “IT” at the end, too. IT showed up and said, “Time to float.” However, Harley said, “No floating today, bish,” while Joker told Harly, “I love you Harly.”

Overall, it was satisfying to watch Joker beat Negan. Although it would never happen in real life, it was fun to watch and imagione the outcome. Personally, I would like to see Joker fight Donald Trump. Anyways, I enjoyed the fight.