The Gifted’s “UnMoored”

On Saturday, October 10, 2018th, I watched The Gifted’s “UnMoored” on Fox. This episode deals with Evangeline Wedon, a mutant lawyer, and her relationship to Thunderbird. Also, this episode introduces the Purifiers, a Christian fundamentalist group, which hunts and kills mutants. As well, Reeva Payge, leader of the Helffire Club’s inner circle, almost kills Andy Strucker. UnMoored is setting us up for more great story lines in the future.

In the episode, we learn of a Evangeline Wedon, a mutant lawyer who organized the mutant underground in Atlanta, Georgia. As a practicing attorney, her focus was on mutant rights; as well, her duties include filing injunctions. Moreover, her powers included shapeshifting. In this segment, she continues to offer support to the mutant underground.

Historically, Evangeline and Thunderbird had a relationship.¬† Evangeline tells Thunderbird in one scene, “I am offering you a purpose again, John.” Though their relationship seemed of a romantic nature, she wanted Thunderbird to lead the mutant underground, which was eventually destroyed in Atlanta.

In the past, Evangeline helped Thunderbird through addiction. In his younger days, John was a drug addict, and he took pills to deal with his days in the marines. Evangeline helped him break his addiction to drugs.

During this episode, Reeva moves ahead for war. When talking to the Hellfire Club, she says, “I’ve always believed that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” To me, this quote sounds like a political party passing a congressional bill without¬† bipartisan support.

In the previous episode, Reeva wasted the Inner Circle. She killed everyone. As a result, she took over leadership of the Hellfire Club.

Also, during this episode, we learn about Thunderbird’s origins. Apparently, Thunderbird was a fighter and reminisced about his fighting days to his mutant friends, “I am living the dream.” He was a fighter in Tucson, Arizona, bars.

Meanwhile, we see the return of Sentinel Services, Jace Turner. We learn Jace keeps files on the mutant underground. Namely, we learn from Jace’s wife, Paula, he keeps the files stashed everywhere in the house.

In UnMoored, the Frost sisters deal with Mr. Hind. The sisters joke about his death, saying, ”That’s what you get for calling me soft,” as Mr. Hind prepares to walk into a plane’s propeller. The sisters killed him because he never honored his part of the bargain to keep quiet.

Also, the Hellfire Club begins training. Andy Strucker is the first trainee. However, he has problems in completing his training when he can’t get past a psychological wall.

As this episode continues, we learn about Andy’s problem: Lauren. He keeps dreaming of her and wants to phone her. However, Fade, a Hellfire Club member with invisibility powers, is keeping tabs on Andy and informs the Hellfire Club, “We got a problem.”

Because of Lauren, Andy has loyalty issues. Polaris tells Andy, “If Reeva gets the idea that you are not with her 100 percent! That cannot happen!” Reeva will kill Andy like she killed the previous Hellfire Club inner circle members.

In his meeting with Reeva, Andy narrowly escapes death. In the last moment when Reeva is preparing to kill him, he tells her the truth about contacting Lauren. Andy’s honesty saves him from a similar death of previous Hellfire Club members.

In regards to the whole mutant phenomena, the public is in the dark, In one scene, a newspaper reads, “Massive Blackout Hits DC!” Once again, the public doesn’t know anything mutants.

The Purifiers are mentioned in this episode. Reeva tells Andy about her friend’s death at the hands of the Purifiers, “They stabbed her. She bled out.” Originally, appearing in the Uncanny Xmen graphic novel “God Loves, Man Kills,” the Purifiers were a Christian fundamentalist group, which hunted and killed mutants.

UnMoored mentions more about a mutant separatist, Erg. Thunderbird says this about the mutant separatist, “This guy has eyes everywhere.” And he lives in the tunnels under DC.

At the end of UnMoored, Evangeline utters some disturbing words to Thunderbird. She says, “I gave you a cause, but I didn’t know that cause was duped. Your friends are dead. Reeva will kill them.” Evangeline feels guilty for giving Thunderbird hope when he will only be killed.

Generally speaking, this episode was interesting in that it set up story lines for the future. We begin to hear about the Purifiers. Also, we learn more about mutant separatist, Erg. It will be interesting how FOX follows these story lines of the X-men in subsequent episodes.