America Does Not Like Me!

With the finale of CBS Big Brother 20, a winner was crowned as house guests look back on the season.

KC won CBS Big Brother. It was a close vote of 5 to 4. KC walks off with the grand prize of half a million dollars.

Jury members voted this way. JC, Angela, Brett, and Hayleign voted for Tyler. And here’s KC’s votes: Fessy, Rockstar, Samantha, Scottie, and Bayleign.

That being said, if JC went to jury early in the game, he could of influenced the votes. However, there was little chance of that when he was in the house till the finale night. Therefore, JC will have little influence, so the winner need not worry about JC.

On Monday, September 24th, 2018, during eating, the guest played a game where they said things about past players. JC says, “Rachel is crazy”. Further JC said, “Tyler is cute,” but adds, “indifferent”. Also, Tyler said this about Kaitlyn, “Spirits!” and this about JC, “Chupacabra”. It was a funny game to end the show.

Throughout this season, I noticed lots about production. Production always mentioned, “You are not about to talk about diary room sessions with other houseguest,” which kind of sounded taped. Perhaps, they’re adding a bigger role for production in the game.

In looking back, Tyler revealed some inside baseball about Big Brother. Tyler said, “I heard that there was a curse, that whoever walked in the house first has never won.”

When first meeting Angela before the game, Casey remembers a thing about Angela. Angela said to Casey, “Are you a fitness model?”

Apparently, Tyler read the rule book of Big Brother. He says, “I read in the rule about a jury member not being there. America will vote.” That being said, it’s good to know the rule book.

Throughout the game, Tyler thought America hated him. Tyler said, “America does not like me,” during finale. However, America gave him 25 grand as “America’s Favorite Player,” so it was the majority of the jury that didn’t like him.

Hopefully, Tyler won’t let the jury decision bother him. It was a narrow vote. And I’d love to see him and Angela, or even him and Casey, on The Amazing Race or an All-Stars Big Brother season.

Overall, I loved Big Brother 20. I wasn’t a fan of the game since Big Brother 8. However, I got back into watching the game since it looked interesting. I am looking forward to the next season; moreover, I wonder if Julie Chan Moonves will be back to host it. It was a great season.