Haven’t Been This Many Other Blindsides in Any Other Season!

In episode 39 of CBS Big Brother, a Big Brother legend and OG, Jeff Schroeder, paid the house guests a special visit. As well, the clock ticked down in the house as three remaining house guests played the final two HOH competitions.

During this episode, Jeff, JC, Tyler, and Casey had dinner. As they dined, Jeff talked about blindsides, “Haven’t been this many other blindsides in any other season.” Blindsides included Steve, Swaggy C, Faysal, Wilson, Rachel, Brett, and Rockstar.

While the remaining house guests talked with Jeff, the Brett and Rockstar fight came up. Apparently, they talked about Brett’s speech, “You are really classy. Good job. You can’t even own it”. That being said, did Brett really want Rockstar to own his lie?

As well, house guests came to realizations. JC smiles and said, “We are never going to sleep in the same room as Rockstar.”

With lots of time before finale, the house guests clown around on the live feeds. Tyler says, “Bob must be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm,” while Bob sighs, “Sorry.”

During the live feeds, the house guests are talking about “Finale,” which is against the rules. Tyler says, “Happy finale day, everybody.” Bob says, “You are not allowed to talk about production.”

Meantime, Casey is counting down the days in the house. She says, “We got four more days living in this house.”

When laying on the couch and looking at the main screen, Tyler talked about the cool living room of Big Brother. “This would be such a dope living room. You could just sit here and turn these lights off and watch a movie. That would be sick. We’d throw some mattresses and pillows in the middle.” And Casey says, “Have some pillows. Blankets.”

Aside, guests admit being conflicted about their feelings when released from the house. Casey tells the live feeds, “We are so ready to get the hell out of here,” and Tyler says, “It gives me anxiety to get out of here.”

While laying around in the house, guests joke about cell phones on Big Brother. Tyler says, “It would make no sense if we had our phones in here.” Further, he tells us, “Let me just watch the live feed real quick to see what everyone is doing in the storage room.”

As the hours and days count down, production continues to play babysitter. Bob says, “The storage room is now available.” Tyler joked, “Nothing happened. Well, that was our excitement for the day” Later, Bob says, “Sorry.”

Because of all the boredom in the house, production has become talkative. Bob says, “Sorry,” and Casey adds, “Bob is very talkative today.” Plus, Tyler says, “Bob is hyperactive.”

The house guests joke about former guests. JC says, “Winston’s Big Brother life.” Plus, Tyler laughs and comments, “He died too young”. Later, JC smiles, “He died young. They been out if the world for two months.”

While talking about past Big Brother seasons, house guests are becoming aware of the fact that they have been in a bubble for three months. JC explains, “Cause no matter how much we tell each other, it’s going to be ok, it’s going to be different. You know what I mean. In our minds, we still have, that, that we are going to get out of here exactly how we came in. Yeah, the same thing with our phone, with our friends.” Furthermore, Casey tells live feed, “Like what we knew when coming in here is the same shat when we are going to get out. Whatever we were at with the news, whatever the world was at with their friends.” Finally, JC tells, “Remember what Jeff said, ‘Getting out of here is like something.'”

When Big Brother ends, some of these guests will lose their only family. JC tells us, “We’re waking up everyday. With the same people! And those people become you family… Then you have to do things to those people. Do you think that is easy? Are we done here?” Also, Samantha adds, “If I walk out this door and take a right. And I take two lefts. And another right. And walk down the hall through another hall. I am outside!” When Samantha said “outside,” she sounded really upset.

As well, Tyler talked about his Inception movie dream. He said, “Every since that dream within a dream within a dream, I am still convinced this is all not real.”

Tyler may realize his dream of winning Big Brother. Tyler told viewers in the Diary Room, “It’s game time. And I am getting there. If I have anything to say about it… I been dreaming about this for years.” Lets hope his dream of winning Big Brother doesn’t turn out like the Inception dreams.

According to the CBS Big Brother live feeds, here’s who won the final two HOH competitions. The first competition was won by Tyler, and the second competition was won by Casey. lt looks like Tyler and Casey maybe heading to the final 2.

In summary, episode 39 had a few good things. We got to see Big Brother legend and OG, Jeff Schroeder. We got to watch the final two HOH competitions. And I learned more about production, which is interesting to me to learn about the people behind the cameras.