It’s Entirely Out of My Hands

While JC and Casey dominated eviction night, it was “do or die” for the showmance, Tyler and Angela, as the couple faced an uncertain future.

To begin, there was another eviction during this episode. It was Angela, the fitness expert in a showmance with Tyler Krispen.

During this week, Casey won the POV. She kept JC’s nominations, that of Tyler and Angela, intact. With that, she never used that POV.

Oddly, Tyler continues to have strange dreams in the Big Brother house. Tyler told us during a late night snack on live feeds, “I was having Inception dreams.” In his dreams, Tyler was having trouble at figuring out reality like in the movie.

Aside, during this episode, Angela made some astute observations about Big Brother production on live feeds. She said about production and the Diary Room, “I think people work at certain times. I think like there is a night shift. Like people that do the night shift.” Immediately, production warned, “You are not allowed to talk about production!” over the intercom.

That being said, house guest aren’t aware of the 24/7 live feeds for the most part. Tyler comments, “Pretty sure live feeds are on us right now.”

Now, here’s a fun fact: Level Six has won the most HOH competitions. KC told the live feeds, “Collectively, we won 19 HOH.”

Additionally, Tyler comments about alliances in the Big Brother history books. Tyler asks, “I wonder if any alliance ever won that many?”

In order to make the final three, it’s a do or die week for Tyler. He says, “I want to go to the final three.”

However, Tyler loses the POV. He confesses during Diary Room session, “I know longer control my own destiny, and it’s entirely out of hands.”

Love throws a wrench in Tyler’s game during this episode. He tells viewers, “I didn’t expect to fall in love with this girl. This just sucks.” Perhaps, Tyler should of paid attention to Big Brother’s motto: “Expect the unexpected”.

This week, JC wants Angela evicted. JC said, “I just hope Casey wins. So I can keep the nomination the same. And I can send Angela home.” However, it was Casey who sent Angela home.

As for reasons why Angela ended up on the block, JC seems to have taken it personal. JC said about Angela, “You didn’t make me feel included!” I hope JC is happy about getting his revenge by breaking a couple.

When playing the game, JC called Angela a “bitch”. In one of his Dairy Room sessions, JC asserted, “Throwing me right there on the block. That was a bitch move.”

In sum, this was an exciting episode. I was cheering for Tyler and Angela. However, Angela was sent to the jury house. Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining as Tyler survived to fight another day.