This Game Made Me Grow a Heart

As the days wind down inside of the CBS Big Brother house during episode 36, Angela wins HOH while guests are treated to a private Bebe Rexha concert. Also, players have weird dreams as reality sets in about life beyond Big Brother.

Apparently, in the Big Brother living room, the windows are really dusty where a smiling Julie Chan and guests give their speeches. JC tells us on the live feeds, “It’s really dusty here.”

Also, the house is ready for Halloween with all the spider webs on the cameras. During live feed, JC told the viewers, “There are so many spider webs around the cameras.”

Angela made a strange comment during this episode. Angela said it was like nominating a kid when she put JC on the block. Indeed, JC looks like a kid.

That being said, JC was thinking of life when outside Big Brother. JC admitted, “It’s going to be weird with no camera’s around you.” Also, JC remarked about the noise cameras make when checking you out.

Here’s something I’ve noticed: When it comes to TV reality shows and putting on a show, the guests are putting on a show. JC confirms, “We’re literally giving them a show.” Clearly, the guests are aware of this fact.

Strangely, during live feeds, the guests admitted to not knowing about the finale. That being said, information seems to be on a “need to know basis” when it comes to the finale. Guests remain in the dark till finale occurs.

House guests are thinking about their life after Big Brother. JC doesn’t want to go back to his apartment with 3 roommates. Casey is wondering who she will call first. Also, Tyler is thinking about going to New York and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. The Big Brother bubble is about to break for the guests in nine days.

Here’s another observation of mine: When watching Big Brother on TV, the reality show seems edited and fake. The live feeds show a different reality then TV. TV tends to give you one perspective while the live feeds give you four perspectives over a week.

Anyways, during this episode, the house is having similar dreams. JC revealed, “I had a dream… “Black Panther”. Wakanda… About the character… A cult like lesbians… A bunch of birds coming to a circle and getting together…it was a weird dream.” Tyler adds, “I am positive I had a dream about the dude from Black Panther.” Together, the guests are having some crazy dreams.

Furthermore, I had this epiphany: The Big Brother house must be crazy. Basically, all the guests do is just eat, sleep, and crap. Also, they plot and scheme on the next evictee in hopes of winning the grand prize. It must be crazy to do that 24/7.

This week, Angela won the HOH. She told everyone at the HOH ceremony, “I guess, I will just have to get a little more blood on my hands.” JC and Samantha were nominated.

With that, Angela gave her reasons for nominations. Basically, Angela told everyone, “I want Sam out before JC. Because everybody loves her in jury. There is no way I can beat her.”

During Diary Room session, Angela talked about love. Angela announced, “This game made me grow a heart… I feel like an old woman that’s dating again. It’s weird.” Angela hadn’t dated for years.

Similarly, Tyler is talking about love. Tyler declared, “I am in love with Angela. I guess. I am the happiest person in the whole world. I am not going to lie.”

Angela revealed her target for the week. Angela said, “My target this week is Sam. One day she’s hugging me. The next day she’s calling me a ‘bitch’.”

Tyler revealed a funny thing about Angela. Tyler told us, “Angela drools way more. Look at this pillow.” Apparently, Angela’s drool marks leave stains on the pillows.

Moreover, we learned that Angela’s pillow stinks. Angela said on live feeds, “My pillow did not smell like fish. Trust me. If my pillow smelled like fish, I’d be the first to know.” JC laughed, “It smelled like fish. Your pillow was pure fish.”

Because of the boredom of the CBS Big Brother house, the guests pleaded for help. Tyler moaned, “Help. We’re stuck in here.”

Apparently, production is laying down on the job. JC revealed on live feeds, “Good morning Bob. How was the nap?”

When talking about Iphones and bras, the shower incident with Angela and JC came up. Angela snapped, “You should know this. You showered with me.” JC retorted, “Your vagina. I didn’t pay attention to it.” However, Tyler chimed in, “That’s what you [JC] want them to think. We know you’re straight.”

Overall, I liked this episode along with live feeds. We got to see remaining HOH’s. As well, I learned something about production while the guests were laying around and chatting. TV and live feeds are a good match; also, they should add a live chat.