You Look Exactly Like Joe Dirt!

 In episode 34 of CBS Big Brother, two house guests are nominated; as well, we see another Joe Dirt in the house.

When the chips are down, friends turn on each other in the house. Samantha admits, “Here we are so close to the end, and I have been nominated by my friend. But Casey promised me I wouldn’t be going home this week.”

With all the fighting in the house, Samantha is beginning to crumble under the stress. Tyler said, “Samantha has been on the block for two minutes. And I am already noticing that she’s getting into one of her freak out moods.”

Hoping to cash in on Samantha’s stress, Haleign plans for the POV. Haleigh says, “In the event that I don’t win, it would really be helpful if Sam lost her cool. It would really be a big help to me.” This way, house guests will evict Samantha.

With fewer house guests, JC’s days are numbered. He states, “It’s going to be me or you [Brett]. 100 percent. She’s not going to put Tyler up. She’s not going to put Angela up.”

For the time being, Tyler is enjoying the house. However, he says, “This is the calm before it gets crazy.”

While discussing Brett with JC, Tyler squeezes pimples. He says, “So, you’re that good with Brett?” JC adds, “Yeah, I am that good with Brett.”

On a sad note, JC’s didn’t get a message when the house guests got family video messages. Sadly, he explained, “It was weird for me to see all us sitting there, and, like, I am the only one not seeing his family… I really don’t, like, have the closet relationship with my family.” Instead, he got a video message from a gay friend.

Additionally, Casey won the POV during this week. It was titled BB Comics. Now, Casey has won three POV’s.

Also, Brett played the comedian. He joked, “And Kaitlyn. Looking as clairvoyant as ever. Only if her third eye could of seen that eviction coming.”

Further, he clowned around during late night. Brett declared, “This is Winston the first day, ‘What is goin on brother?'” as Taylor laughed, “You look exactly like Joe Dirt.”

In summary, this episode wasn’t just about game play. Although Haleign and Samantha were nominated by Casey, Brett made us laugh with his Joe Dirt impersonation. Next week, game play will be even more vicious as house guests plot to evict others.