It Just Doesn’t Seem Real…

With the end in sight, Haleign and Samantha are placed on the block, while a surprise engagement celebration takes place during episode 33 of Big Brother.

To start, Level Six is heading for number one. Tylers declares, “Level Six might make it to final six. We’re almost there.”

However, Samantha is counting down the days in the Big Brother. She says, “It’s another Thursday down. And I didn’t cry. And I’m not gonna. The numbers in here are dwindling. So I must be doing something right. It’s just I am in here all alone. And it’s really hard. I got to be optimistic.”

Meanwhile, Casey announces her nominations. Casey says, “Sam pawn. Haleign main target.”

Casey gives her reasons for nominating Haleign and Samantha. She said, “Haleign, you put me on the block twice. Sammi, you voted against the house twice. At this point, I don’t have many options…I feel like the best game move for me is to prevent having a lot of blood on my hands. You know I love you guys.”

According to Brett, Sam must remain calm if she wants to remain a pawn. He tells her, “The only time it flips is if the other person freaks out.”

Probably, Haleign will be evicted. Casey says, “Yes, Haleign, you are my number one target.”

Apparently, Angela has a superpower: It’s a good sense of smell. Angela tells us, “JC kind of smells like sweat, usually. He’s kind of like a very moist individual…Tyler smells real good.”

Someone might be messing with Samantha. Apparently, someone put a banana in the tupperware container, which made Samantha angry because she cleans the kitchen. With Samantha on nerves, perhaps, someone hopes she flips out.

In a random moment, two past house guests, Nicole and Victor, surprised the house by getting engaged. Nick said, “Will you marry me,” and Nicole replied, “Yes, of course.”

House guest joined the celebration. Former house guests joined: Paul, Josh, Derrick, Danielle, and Brittney.

Incidentally, Scottie might be facing a fine for his vulgar speech during last week’s eviction ceremony. Apparently, Scottie jumped on the Big Brother couch when giving his eviction speech. You might remember Tom Cruise did a similar thing when he jumped on Oprah’s couch during an interview. Anyways, Scottie flipped people off. Also, he was swearing and talking about vulgar things on live TV. That being said, FTC can fine CBS for airing Scottie’s swears; plus, CBS can withhold part of Scottie’s stipend. On the Big Brother websites, people are saying Scottie won’t be asked to participate in future CBS shows.

After being placed on the block, Samantha was having a hard time. Samantha said, “One side stairs. One side slide. Like a firemen’s pole. That would be fun… I just like this spot cause it’s dark. At one point, I sat all the way under the stairs and that was a little too weird,” she admits, “So I started sitting on the stairs… But it’s easy to scare people. Or announce myself either way. Right here though, it would be really easy to do somebody.” Later, Haleigh arrives to comfort her.

Once again, Samantha is ready to lose her mind. Samantha told viewers in the Diary Room, “It just doesn’t seem real. But Casey promised me that everything would be ok. If this is all a lie and at the end of it, I am standing there looking like a dumb ass, I will tear every door off it’s f..king hinges on my way out of this mother f…k,” she warns, “And I will absolutely rip these bitches to shreds. I mean lose my mind. And I swear on everything that’s holy, they will regret it.”

In summary, this was a weird, entertaining episode. First, a random marriage proposal took place in the Big Brother house. Also, we learned about Scottie’s antics. As well, a nervous, strained Haleign and Samantha ended up on the block.