They Should be! It’s Big Brother!

With Scottie and Haleign on the block and anxious as hell, someone will be evicted while Derrick Lassender, past winner and police officer, returns to the Big Brother.

After being put up on the block, Scottie’s plan was to remain social. He let us know, “So my plan is to remain social. Remind everyone. And remind everyone that I am better for the game than Haleign is.”

Moreover, Scottie seemed confident about the game. Scottie told us, “There is no way I am getting evicted twice.”

When discussing Scottie with Haleigh, Tyler was careful with his words. Cautiously, he mentioned, “I didn’t tell him that. I never said that. But I had to make it sound like he’s wasn’t going home. And that exactly why I told you. And you can’t go to him and say…”

While talking to Scottie, Tyler expressed his feeling about Haleigh. In a low tone, he whispered, “I know, she’s sketchy as hell.”

In private, Angela and Tyler discuss remaining house guests. Angela confided, “They are so concerned. It’s so funny.” Tyler responded, “JC is definitely next.” JC, you better start packing.

Apparently, JC is acting paranoid, JC demanded, “What’s going on with you and Angela?” Tyler responded, “She wasn’t running. She was sitting. She was walking in from over there.”

Nevertheless, JC sounds jealous. He asserted, “She 100 percent ran from that bed to that couch.” Later, Tyler told Angela, “JC heard you running over there.”

Angela is catching on to JC’s strategy in the game. Angela whispered to Tyler in the HOH bed, “A Devil. I am so sick of JC. He frustrates me more than anyone. JC is gossip queen in this house. He’s just a little diva. And whenever he finds anything like the smallest hint of something, he just runs with it. I think this is JC’s strategy, partially, but it’s really starting to piss me off after awhile.”

Tyler’s mind is on the game. Tyler says, “I just feel so selfish. I came here to win. And I just can’t throw away my whole game to keep her safe.” However, the game is taking it’s toll on his heart.

This week, Derrick Levasseur, a police officer and winner of season 16, returned to Big Brother. Because of his good game play, Julie picked his mind about the potential winner of Big Brother, which he kept quiet about. That being said, I wondered if a past player would return to the game at this point, and it was Derrick Levasseur.

Aside, there seems to be a link between Tyler and cops. When the season started, Tyler mentioned Steve watching him like he did something wrong; moreover, Steve was the first to be evicted from the house even though he was undercover cop in real life. Additionally, Derrick Levasseur was silent when pressed to discuss a potential winner of CBS Big Brother 20.

Scottie was evicted for a second time during eviction ceremony. After his departure, the house guests laughed and said, “Mr. Unanimous!” and JC commented, “Goodbye Scottie. For a second time.” Also, apparently, Scottie’s eviction speech needed to be censored because it was vulgar.

After leaving the house, Julie asked Scottie about other players. Scottie said, “They’re not very good liars.” Julie responded, “They should be! It’s Big Brother!”

Casey won the HOH. The competition was titled “Shell or Highwater,” which sounds like “hell or highwater”. She beat Brett by one minute.

When it comes to the final two, personally, I think Tyler has to take Angela. Basically, they’re a couple, which is similar to family like the Dick and Danielle thing. However, if he doesn’t take her, he might face a bitter jury member, which translates into votes against him.

If you want to win Big Brother, a strong alliance is key to success. With a loyal alliance, you could survive in the game. When players lack strong alliances, it’s easier to evict them.

Overall, episode 32 was all about game play. We saw Scottie evicted, again. And Derrick Levasseur returned to game to chime in. Next Thursday will be real good because it’s that time of season for “Double Eviction”.