Scottie’s Return Could Be Short Lived

Although Scottie may of upset the game for a week, he’s back on the block; and Level Six is responsible, again, for putting him there in episode 30 of Big Brother.

During this episode, Scottie settled into the game. Big Brother called him, “The Virgin King.” Though not out for good, he returned on day 72.

Upon his return, Scottie felt good when back in the house. Scottie gleamed, “It feels fantastic to be back,” he smiled, “back from the grave!”

Nevertheless, Scottie had a purpose. He was frank when discussing his situation: “And now they’re all acting like they love me even though each and everyone of them voted me out. So, I owe none of these people anything.”

Whether back or not from the grave, one person never missed Scott. His name is JC. Even though Scottie won the Jury Battle Back, JC’s wasn’t happy about Scottie being back in the game.

That being said, Scottie is gunning for JC. Scottie said in the Diary Room, “It kinds of lights my fire, and I know I have to get rid of JC,’ because he whispered in Faysal’s ear.

This week, Level Six picked targets. They want Scottie and Haleign evicted from the house. Moreover, Angela really wants Scottie or Haleigh out.

To stay safe, Tyler needs to win the HOH Pie Shop for this week. He says, “This is the first week in almost two months that I do not have a Power App in my back pocket time to fall back on. So, I need to gun for this HOH to make sure nobody wants to get me out of here.” It’s do or die for Tyler.

While in Diary Room, Tyler gives props to Haleigh. Tyler comments, “Haliegn is the one person who has the balls to put me on the block. Beating her is crucial in this game.” However, he needs to beat her.

In the HOH, Angela and Tyler are on to JC. Angela says, ‘JC is always planning something. To pin something on someone else… He’s a little rat. A little snake,” and Tylers agrees, ‘Little sneaky snake. We’ll get him.” They’re planning to get rid of JC.

During this week, Taylor nominates Scottie and Haleigh. Taylor tells us, “We just don’t know who’s a bigger threat now. Haliegn or Scottie?” Furthermore, he says, ‘But I feel like I am pretty good with Angela. The safest move for me might be to put up Scottie and Haleigh. There is no crazy blood on me. And the rest of the house is happy.” They both go on the block.

While in Diary Room, Casey reveals she’s gay to America. She confesses, “The first person I came out to was my dad. It was like high school freshmen. I said, ‘Hey dad, did you know I was into girls?'” Now, everyone knows.

At nomination ceremony, Tyler gives his reasons to nominate Haleigh and Scottie. Tyler explains, “Hal, you put me on the block as the hacker. You canceled my vote. You called a house meeting to get me yelled at. It would be kind of silly to think you wouldn’t put me up.” Additionally, he told the guests,”Scottie, the fact is that everybody here voted you out already. I feel like you can understand. It’s the safest thing for me to do.”

Aside, Samantha has been having bad dreams in the house. Possibly, her dream have to do with Scottie since she mentioned him to Casey. However, the dreams are the result of the smoker’s patch, which she forgot to take off before bed.

In brief, I liked the return of Scottie and Level Six’s determination to get rid of him. But I wish Scottie was guaranteed more time in the Big Brother house because I was getting to like him. Perhaps, Level Six will vote out Haleigh. I hope she’s shown the door because she’s scary.