CBS Big Brother episode 29 caught my attention for the following reasons: When it comes to the Big Brother house, reality can be a hard thing to figure out; that being said, Tyler continues to be the top player while an evicted house guest returns to the game in the “Jury Battle Back”.

With an eviction from the Big Brother house, reality can be hard to figure out. Nobody knows this better than Faysal, “Was everything that happened in this house real? Or was it, you know strategy of the game? I just wonder how real this whole process has been.” Furthermore, Haleign agrees, “Has it been real for you? I am the same person.” Faysal adds, “Yeah, I tell you that everyday. I know how I am outside this house. I just don’t know about you.” Indeed, when it comes to life outside of the house, reality can be hard to figure out.

Of course, Tyler has too many final two deals. He says, “Of course, I am going to agree to a final two with him [Brett]. I can’t be turning down a final two! Now I have a final two with JC, Casey, Sam, and Brett! Join the club, guys. Who wants to bring Tyler to the final two?.. Four final twos.”

Clearly, Tyler has a purpose for being on Big Brother. “I mean, I like Angela a lot. She’s such a cool person, but I am here for one reason. And that’s to win 500, 000, so when it comes down to it, if I have to cut Angela, I am going to do it. But she’s still cute, though.” Furthermore, he cleared up the situation with Angela.

Also, in this episode, Julie Chan had some words of wisdom for the remaining house guests. Julie warned, “With the end in sight, everyone needs to watch their back.” Also, she pointed out, “Time for allies to turn on each other if they hope to claim the half million dollar grand prize.”

In Big Brother news, another guest was evicted. This week, it was Faysal who was evicted. He was evicted by a vote of 4 to 1.

When talking to Julie after eviction, Faysal had some words about about players. He said this about Angela, ” When she nominated me, I was surprised because I kept her safe the week before.”

Perhaps, with a little luck, Faysal can return to the game in the Jury Battle Back competition. These are the players: Faysal, Scottie, Baleigh, and Rockstar. Immediately, the competition is held after the Faysal/Julie interview.

However, Scottie is the winner. When discussing game before entering the house, he admitted this to Julie: “Angela seems to be the problem… JC whispered in Faysal’s ear.” As he enters the house, Scottie screams, “I’m back!”

Overall, this episode was good. I learned something about players thoughts about life after the Big Brother house. Plus, I like it when an under dog returns to the game. For sure, I’ll be watching the rest of Big Brother.

A song with Scottie in mind: