Level Six Alliance Could be The Best in CBS Big Brother History

With the ending of summer, we see some interesting things in episode 28 of Big Brother. First, Level Six could be the best alliance. Also, we look at that wild card: Samantha. And another showmance ends up on the block. This episode was a good one.

To start, Angela, last week’s HOH, hopes to get rid of another power couple. It’s Faysal and Haleign. However, can she really do it when a jury member will return next week?

It’s looking like Level Six could be the best alliance in CBS Big Brother history. Throughout the game, members have maintained their alliance while steam rolling over the competition; yet, Foutte, the rival alliance, has disintegrated into a go for self approach. Furthermore, Haleigh, a rival alliance member, admitted this about Faysal and her: “We’re the worst players in Big Brother history.”

Needless to say, Samantha is a wild card in the game. However, Angela won’t pick her for the POV. Nevertheless, Haleigh picks Samantha to play in the POV.

But when it comes to Big Brother, you should carefully watch the wild card. Here’s the reason why: The wild card often has the most strength because they are unorthodox; that being said, the wild card could prevail, so you should beware of Big Brother’s expression “Expect the unexpected”.

This week’s POV goes to Casey. She won the Martian competition, a three game series in which a player catches alien stuff to earn points . That being said, Casey was made for this competition since she’s a wide receiver in real life.

Oddly, only Faysal caught the balls in the Martian competition one. The rest of the players dropped the ball. However, it wasn’t enough to win the game.

With Faysal on the block and the showmance fighting, Haleign begins to look out for her own interests. She admits: “Faysal is being cold and indifferent to me. I have to go to bat for Haleigh, so I am going to do what it takes to stay here as long as possible because I made it this far. And this is everything to me.”

According to the Level Six plan, Casey does not use her POV. She leaves the nominations as agreed to by her alliance. However, she hears out the speeches. Another shomance will be broken up in the game.

Meanwhile, Tyler remains confident in the game: When in the diary room, Tyler jokes: “I feel powerless. It’s been two months and I didn’t have to use my Cloud Power App. Thank you America,” he laughs, “but it turns out I really didn’t need it. But now is when the game gets serious cause I don’t have that to fall back on. 500k is looking brighter than ever. I am in this thing for the long haul. And I have to be real careful moving forward cause it could get tricky.”

In brief, Level Six broke up another shomance in this episode. It was Faysal and Haleigh. However, will Faysal or Haleigh return next week in the Jury Back Battle competition?