Tyler Gets Muscled While Angela Gets The Upper Hand On Episode 27 of CBS Big Brother

In regards to reaching a turning point in the game, Tyler got muscled by Faysal; however, Angela got the upper hand of the showmance, Haleigh and Faysal in episode 26 of CBS Big Brother.

First, Angela reveals a back up plan in regards to Haleigh and Faysal. Angela tells them, Tyler and her will work with them, but Haleign and Faysal must win next week’s HOH. However, Haleigh and Faysal lose. After, Angela reveals, ‘It’s about to get real.’

In terms of alliances, Faysal was delusional. Right up to being put on the block, Faysal believed in his alliance with Tyler and Angela. He said, ‘We stick together. We can do this final four’ right up to being put up on the block.

This week, Angela won HOH. After rolling a 39, she wins, which is close to perfect. She’ll have to nominate some players, now.

Angela plays a smart game on Big Brother. She realizes no blood, although you can’t help it in some cases. Therefore, you need to “justify” it before you do the dirty deed. That way, the jury won’t hang you in the long run.

In the house, everyone wants Tyler’s loyalty. However, Tyler confesses, “There’s a lot of people in this house that think I am loyal to them.” Plus, he smiles while saying, “He has to deal with every single one of them.”

Aside, it dawned on me after all these years: Big Brother is about surveillance and control. There are hundreds of microphones and cameras in the house. Everything is closely monitored and controlled. Additionally, there are millions of eyes watching 24/7. And the cameras are shaped like ‘guns’.

However, some guests have ways of resistance on Big Brother. For example, Tyler pops zits in front of the camera, which people don’t want to watch. Plus, JC continues to sing songs, which people hate to hear. Perhaps, the guests of Big Brother can use these moments of resistance to their benefit.

While in Angela’s HOH room, Faysal decides to play the game. While laying on her bed and playing with deodorant, Faysal tries to convince Angela to put up Samantha. However, Angela pays him lips service.

Right after, Faysal muscles Tyler. The brute rolls on Tyler while Tyler cuddles an owl. Meanwhile, Angela smiles from her position of safety. Needless to say, Tyler moan, ‘Ohhhhhh”. Haleigh watches as Faysal hurts Tyler.

Apparently, Haleigh has figured out Big Brother and lets Faysal in on it. She says, ‘These people are not with us. They have never been with us.’ However, Faysal doesn’t believe it until he’s nominated with Haleigh.

That being said, Faysal is playing a stupid game. The house is laughing at him. Plus, he’s making it real easy for them to nominate him by “muscling” Tyler. The house will probably evict him next week. He’s not showing respect, which he needs to survive.

For once, JC might be right about one thing: Faysal might be evicted. JC revealed in the Diary Room, “My plan continues to work… Sorry, my sweetie, I am going to miss you. But you might be walking out the door this week.”

At the nomination ceremony, I agreed with Angela’s speech. She said, “To quote my mom, ‘You are a day late. You are a dollar short.’ Coming to me day sixty something with a disagreement definitely raises a red flag with me.” Further, she added, “And so I am looking at the situation thinking, ‘How does this benefit me? In my personal game?’ It really doesn’t. And had the table been turned this week, I feel that history with me and Haleigh would of repeated itself. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.”

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. Angela nicely nominated Faysal and Haleigh. While Tyler narrowly maintained his top position, Angela could take it if he’s not careful about his game. Now, let the real Big Brother begin.