The Gifted “X-Roads”

I checked out the finale of The Gifted which was called “X-Roads”. It touched on some live issue of indefinite detention of undocumented immigrants in detention camps. Plus, the season two trailer got my curiosity because it revealed the Morlocks, so I watched it.

To state, this episode touched on a live issue before the US Supreme Court. Essentially, the issue of indefinite detention of undocumented immigrants in detention camps; namely, the detention of children, old people, foreign nationals, and the nameless. With all the recent deaths in detention camps, this episode hits home.

That being said, the issue of indefinite detention will addressed by the Supreme Court in the future. The court  has made it clear in past cases like Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: If this issue isn’t resolved, a court will resolve it. Without trials or sentences, the court doesn’t want people sitting in detention camps for decades.

In the series, the 911 terrorist attack is compared to a 715 attack. Apparently, 911 was similar to the 715 attack; however, the series is vague on the 711 attack. After the attack, the rights of mutants, or mutant rights, came under attack like the constitutional rights of undocumented immigrants.

Aside, we learn about the Hellfire Club in this episode. The Hellfire Club is a group of evil mutants. They’re bent on dominating and destroying the human race. They’re powerful and control the political, corporate, and banking industries. They formed sometime in the past.

During this episode, Emma Frost shows up to recruit new mutants to destroy the Hound Program. These new mutants will be needed to kill the evil robots. However, the program is said to be unstoppable.

While in a DOJ meeting, Dr. Roderick Campbell deals with the DOJ head. When pressed for a court order by a defiant DOJ, the doctor orders one of the mutants to choke the DOJ head to death. This is what a DOJ head gets for not playing ball with the doctor. Now, warrantless surveillance can be conducted on mutants.

Also, Polaris becomes a terrorist in this episode. She blows up the plane, which holds the doctor and a US Senator. Now, Sentinel Services is right about mutants: They are a terrorist organization.

With the assassination of US Senator Montez, Polaris leaves the new mutants. Along with her, a group of new mutants follow. Emma Frost is right beside them.

That being said, everything is set for the arrival of the Morlocks. The season two trailer ends with the introduction of the Morlocks, the real underground. This will be interesting to watch.

In summary, I liked this finale. We see the new mutants fracture. Plus, we learn about the Hellfire Club and Emma Frost.