CBS Big Brother Episodes 24

This week, episode 24 of CBS Big Brother was dumb and smart at the same time. That being said, Faysal put up his alliance member, which was stupid. Consequently, Level Six continued to grow in power.

Finally, the HOH goes to Faysal, the substitute teacher that teaches in Florida. He screamed, “Let’s go,” as he bellowed, “I am in power. I am coming for you.”

Meantime, Tyler has his Cloud app. He can use it at one nomination. Moreover, the POV meeting is another option.

Since winning the HOH, Faysal is overjoyed. In fact, he tells everyone about his HOH room. Even though Samanth is using the toilet, that doesn’t stop Faysal.

In the HOH room, Faysal asked who voted for Rockstar. Scotty owns up to the deed. Also, Brett admits to the deed. As a result, a fight breaks out.

This week, there was more drama in the house. Scotty called out Casey. He called her a backstabber. Nonetheless, Casey denied it.

Because of Faysal’s win of the HOH, JC played the puppet master. JC made Faysal jealous. JC tells Faysal, ‘Scotty likes Haleigh.’ Later, JC tells the audience, ‘Faysal is my puppet.’

Oddly, together, Angela and JC had a shower. Both of them were naked. Yet, supposedly, Tyler and Angela are a couple; however, he wasn’t around. Strange things are going on in the house when it comes to behind the Big Brother Live Feed cameras.

Whether Faysal and Haleigh are a real couple, perhaps, Faysal had reason to be jealous. In the past, Haleigh has let people cuddled her. Also, she has let people rub her hair. Plus, people have rubbed her and her legs.

Because of jealousy, Faysal puts Scotty on the block. Faysal is tired of Scotty and Haleigh; that is, Faysal doesn’t care about the alliance. Nevertheless, Haleigh cares for Scotty.

Haleigh makes a good point, but Faysal won’t listen to her. Haleigh tells Faysal, ‘Tyler and Angela never talk game to you.’ Yet, she adds, ‘You want to put up one of your alliance.’

In the end, Faysal’s nominations works for Level Six. No Level Six members are nominated. Plus, Level Six has got the numbers to save their alliance for another week.

In the final analysis, I am beginning to wonder about this season. There are some really dumb moves in the games. However, there’s some smart alliances. Big Brother continues to live up to the motto: “Expect the unexpected!”