Fear The Walking Dead “Nick’s Death”

After watching Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3, I can’t believe Nick was killed. He was my favorite character during the apocalypse.

During his time in the apocalypse, Nick was a kind and giving person. Essentially, he made lots of sacrifices to help people. He sacrificed time to help people find food in the end of the world. He listened to people when they needed to talk. He always tried to point the way or give good advice. He gave his time and energy to people.

Mostly, Nick loved his mom. He deeply cared for her, and he wouldn’t shield her from truths which she needed to hear. Also, he saved his mom many times from zombies and bad people. And he would kill for her when she didn’t have the strength or heart.

I liked Nick because he reminded me of myself. To begin, he was an addict like me. He came from a blended family. He had a strong relationship with his mother. And he watched out for his sister. Seeing Nick’s character was like seeing myself.

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As for other characters, I really liked Alicia too. She was Nick’s sister. She was tough on the inside where it counted. She had to do many things which most people couldn’t or wouldn’t during the apocalypse. Plus, she suffered lots of hardships of her own, but she always pulled through them.

After Nick’s death, survivors lost hope. They gave up on their stadium aka community. They gave up on planning for the future. They regretted coming to the stadium. Now, they were just a ragtag group eeking out a survival in the apocalypse. Most wished they stuck to past bad choices because the present was worst.

I’m shocked that Nick died. He was my favorite of the series. I don’t know if I want to watch the series anymore.